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Green Life Aloe Vera Capsule (Skin rashes,Itching,Pimples & Anti-aging

The GreenLife Products is designed in aiding pimples, constipation, cleanses digestive tracks & toxic substances.

It enhances immune system

It helps remove toxic substances, keeps body balance.

Anti-aging and also treat chronicle inflammatory problems.

It keeps skin healthy & diminishes winkles & prevents teen acne.

(Approved by: NAFDAC, Chinese Ministries of Health And American FDA)

- 23 %
13,400 10,300

Suitable for: · Males with compromised immunity · Male with impotence caused by weakened kidney function · Females with irregular menstruation · Females with menopausal syndrome · Females with chronic fatigue, arthritis and lumbago

Available in:  Kidney Tonifying Capsule (15)

- 17 %
19,020 15,850

RE-VIVE: For Sexual Stamina and Penis Enlargement

  • Increases sexual desire of men and enhances the oxygen content in blood which helps in penis erection for normal sexual performance;
  • Helps with sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or frequent spermatorrhea.
  • Increases sperm count and improves sperm motility;
  • Cures premature ejaculation
  • Gives strong and hard erection
  • Gives high libido
  • Cures waist pain
  • Promotes stamina

Suitable for:

  • Men who intend to improve sexuality
  • Men with sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or frequent spermatorrhea.
  • Prolongs sexual act
  • Boost sperm production
- 22 %
5,140 3,990

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Accelerates metabolism and degradation of fat:
  2. Burn fat as fuel to reduce the lipid content of the body;
  3. Reduces absorption of dietary fat and helps lose weight.

Suitable for:

  • People with overweight
  • People with obesity
  • People intend to control body weight
- 43 %
55,000 31,500

Women who take these Swissgarde Twins boosting supplements pack have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twin. This herbal supplement stimulate your ovaries and increases your chances of releasing several eggs at a time.

This pack contain 3 tried and tested supplement

  1. Rev up (Maca)
  2. Omega plus (Evening Primrose Oil)
  3. 40 plus for women (Dong Quai)
- 23 %
10,820 8,320

Function & Indications:

Clearing heat, toxins from blood, activate & support the immune system during periods of fever.

This product is recommended for: fever and liver inflammation, influenza & Common cold, headache, swollen & sore throat, cough, epidemic encephalitis, hepatitis, mumps or for general health.

Usage: Mix 8.0g (one cover) in warm water, 2-3 times a day.

- 20 %
8,700 6,990

Green world Slimming capsule help to burn body fat very fast. It can accelerates metabolism rate to increase the burning of the fat as fuel and the degradation of fat in the body, decreases the intake of calories by regulating food intake, with it’s natural floral formula it helps loose weight safely and steadily without rebound and generation wrinkles, dual roles in weight loss and beautification.

This product can help you lose weight through enhancing the digesting system, strengthening bowel movement and accelerating the excretion of toxin and fat. It is a natural herbal formula which helps you to lose weight safely and steadily by regulating the overall function of the body. This product contain no hormone and has no adverse effect.

Available in: Slimming Capsule
- 23 %
9,000 6,900


The absence of Spirulina Plus in the body has been recorded to be the major cause of sexually related and other life threatening health conditions among men including infertility, low libido, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The male prostate gland requires 20 times more of Spirulina Plus extracts than other cells in the body to stay healthy and perform optimally. In addition to these, Spirulina Plus is a critical mineral for robust testosterone levels.

Spirulina Plus also brings quick solutions to tons of sexual health dysfunctions in men.

Green World’s Spirulina Plus works wonders on men by optimizing their sexual energy and performance 10 times better than average erection pills.

Also, these super-effective capsule support the reproductive system of men and women while helping a great deal to cure infertility problems.

Besides, it ensures the proper functioning of the red and white blood cells which enhances immunity and accelerates wound healing


Balanced nutrition.

Health Care.

Burn Fat.

1 gram is equal to 1 kg of vegetables & Fruits.

Contains 70% of the daily requirement of Protein.

2.5 to 3 times more than soybean and beef.

Contains 20 times than ordinary Ferrous rich food.

Contains Vitamin B12 which is 3.5 times more than that of animal liver.

Contains Carotene which is 1.5 times more than a carrot.

Has high amino acids.

Prevents & treats Diabetes.

Prevents & treats Over weight/Obesity.

Prevents & treats Hepatic.

Prevents & treats Cardiovascular diseases

Prevents & treats Hypertension.

Prevents & treats Piles.

Prevents & treats Cancer side effects.

Prevents & treats Immuno deficiency.

Prevents & treats Insomnia.

Prevents & treats Wound healing.

Prevents & treats Fatigue from over activity e.g after sexual activities.

Improve the nutrition balanced level in the human body.

Increase immune function,

Regulate blood lipid,

Regulate blood sugar.

- 23 %
6,890 5,300

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae Extractum, Radix Notoginseng Extractum, Rhizoma Chuanxiong Extractum, Radix Ginseng Extractum, Flos Carthami Extractum, Borneolum, Polyethylene glycol

Characteristics and Benefits

  1. Decreases blood lipid, blood viscosity, prevents platelet aggregation, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis;
  2. Dilates arteries which supply blood to the brain and heart; increases coronary blood flow; improves blood supply to brain and heart;
  3. Dilates coronary artery, can be used for alleviating symptoms of angina pectoris.

Suitable for:

  • People with hypertension, high blood lipid, high blood viscosity
  • People with atherosclerosis
  • People who have angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, and/or other coronary artery diseases
  • People during rehabilitation of myocardial infarction
- 40 %
80,000 48,000

Functional Characteristics Green World Tourmaline Water Cup
1. It help improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.
2. Change the common water into nanometer activated water, which is rich in mineral element, such as Ca, Ma, K and Na.
3. Resist oxidation, delay senility & be favorable for human being’s health.
4. The negative potential can eliminate the excrescent free radical.
5. Green World Tourmaline Water Cup detoxicate the alcohol & tobacco.
6. Strong solubility, and long- term’s drinking can prevent the renal calculus.
7. Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dysporia.
8. Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution.
9. Green World Tourmaline Water Cup neutralize the excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.

- 26 %
49,000 36,500

Clean 9 for Effective Weight Loss

Suitable for:

Quick weight loss in just 9 days.

Burn Fat like fuel.

This effective, easy-to-follow cleansing program will give you the tools you need to start transforming your body today.

The Clean 9 Program can help you jumpstart your journey to a slimmer, healthier you. This effective, easy-to-follow cleansing program will give you the tools you need to start transforming your body today.

- 23 %
13,520 10,400


  1. Nourish kidney-yin, benefit qi, and promote generation of body fluid.
  2. Used for diabetes mellitus due to deficiency of qi & yin (noninsulin dependent diabetes) manifested as thirst, polydipsia, polyphagia, polyorexia, emaciation, tiredness, fatigue, shortness of breath, indolent about speaking.
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10,900 6,800

• Clear, non-staining formula
• For soothing relief anytime
• Contains pure, stabilized Aloe Vera

- 21 %
36,800 28,900

Suitable for:

  • People with overweight
  • People with obesity
  • People intend to control body weight

The Combination of these products help to increase metabolism, control appetite, shrink fat cells, deliver vitamins and minerals, burn belly fat and enhance energy, mood and focus for successful weight loss.

This Slim pack is designed to keep weight loss simple and effective by providing quick results and sustainable lifelong success, Increase Metabolism, Control Appetite, Burn Belly Fat and Shrink Fat Cells.

7,610 5,850

This product adopts wood vinegar as natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, combines with other Chinese Herbs in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It can deeply clean women’s private part, balance and maintain the acidic environment in vagina, improve self-purification, eliminate the growth environment of bacteria, prevent bacteria invasion and rapidly sterilize, relieve itching and remove body odor

5 Advantages

1. Super mild – gentle sensitive-skin formula

2. Moistening & Smoothening – nourishing your intimate area

3. Original – enriched with wood vinegar, an exclusive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient

4. Complex formulation – formulated with Chinese herb, better protection, stronger effect of antibacterial and cleanliness

5. Natural & Safe – natural ingredients that have been strictly tested safe

15,000 10,000

Buy CELLGEVITY now and optimize cellular functions for your health.

  1. Advanced Riboceine Technology and Antioxidant that provides ultimate in glutathione enhancement. Help you optimize cellular functions for the health you deserve.
  2. Enhance natural Glutathione production and efficiently detoxify cells for optimal performance and function.
  3. Regulate, repair, and recycle other important antioxidants in the body.
  4. Transport Max’s exclusive RiboCeine™ technology into cells.
  5. Support a healthy immune system.
  6. Gluten and Melamine-free.
3,490 2,492

Nature’s Field Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin known for its important role in cellular energy production.

When taken daily, Nature’s Field Vitamin B-12 will help facilitate the metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids thereby producing fuel for the body and sport healthy production of red blood cells as well as proper nerve function.

3,500 1,500

One Toothpaste,Triple Effects

1. Fluorine-free decay resistance: White tea essence prevents decay and improves dental roots conditions;

2.Deep cleansing: The antiseptic and soft silicon abrasives give you a clean mouth with white teeth and fresh breath;

3.Gum strengthening: Strontium chloride and composite aloe extract protects you against teeth 
sensitivity (cold, heat, acidity and sweetness)

4.Contains antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties.
5. Suitable for  for all ages from 2 years.

Helps To Treat:

  • Bad Breath
  • Tooth Decay
  • Bleeding Gum
  • Coloration of teeth
  • Teeth sensitive to cold hot and sweet substances.
- 21 %
35,700 28,200

This combination of various supplement product and DETAILED GUIDE that when used together creates a powerful natural reversal of your high blood pressure within the next 4-6 weeks.

It help you Lower your BLOOD PRESSURE and BLOOD SUGAR naturally without the harmful side effects of medication IS possible

10,600 3,500

LIVEN Alkaline Coffee – The World’s First Alkaline Coffee-Ceuticals with lots of health benefits coming from 16,000 phytonutrients from 131 natural ingredients!

Liven Alkaline Coffee is high quality regarded for its distinct taste and aroma because it is made of the finest class of Arabica Coffee beans, and fortified with the COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER!

10,820 8,320

Function & Indications:

  • Remove fixed abdominal masses, painful Blood Stasis in the uterus;
  • Invigorates Blood. Related indications:
  • Fibroid, other hard lumps in lower abdomen with pain, distention or spasms;
  • Painful and spasmodic menstruation;
  • Pain from endometriosis;
  • Irregular menstruation;
  • Menopausal disorder;
  • Blood stasis after miscarriage.
9,300 7,150

Ingredients: Nano Calcium, Sucrose, Starch, Nano Milk Calcium

Suitable for:

  1. Adults who are unable to meet the calcium daily intake allowance from their diet
  2. Adults with calcium deficiency
  3. Females during pregnancy or lactation
  4. Postmenopausal females
  5. Seniors with insufficient daily intake of calcium
9,800 7,540
7,500 4,500
Key Features
  • No Calories
  • No Caffeine
  • Soothes the body
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Helps with sleep
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