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How To Raise Money For Your Project This Year

Century 21st Freedom Group

Century 21st Freedom Group Int’l is a business development and empowerment group. Currently running a business campaign that enables people who are interested to raise capital for their personal projects without paying interest rates or dropping collateral and you don’t have to pay the money back.
C21FG otherwise known as Own Your Life Campaign is aimed at turning ordinary people to extraordinary people. Thereby giving them financial freedom. C21FG is in partnership with Alliance in motion Global to provide Health Freedom, Time Freedom and Financial Freedom for people across the globe.
This is especially for people who are forward thinking. The Own Your Life Campaign is a global business campaign aimed at helping interested people to raise money to finance their personal projects. If you are really serious about buying a new car this year or building your own house, then this campaign is for you.
To Own Your Life simply means being able to have enough money to finance your personal projects, it means you being able to decide when to work when to rest as well as when to go on vacation. It means to be able to affect the lives of other people without your own life being affected. Thinking and smart, free of charge.

Watch This Video Below for Full Details on How You Can Raise Money For Your Project

Watch This Video and Discover how To use the System To raise Capital For Your Project

To Alliance In Motion Global

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) is an MLM-Network Marketing company in the Philippines, presently in more than 20 countries, and in progressive global expansion. Alliance In Motion Global is the only exclusive worldwide distributor of premium Nature’s Way nutritional supplements. Nature’s Way is the number #1 food supplement manufacturer in the USA.
AIM Global is recently awarded as Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), an independent institution for monitoring the network marketing industry.
Century 21st Freedom Group in partnership with AIM GLOBAL is the business of the 21st century that delivers on its promises of raising real millionaires by turning ordinary people into an instant success story.

How to Become a Partner with C21FG and Register Your Account in Alliance In Motion Global

Here is how to register your account with Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity, and become a lifetime member (thereby opening the doors of residual income generation for you and your loved ones) with this step-by-step explanation.
Joining Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria is pretty simple, we have streamlined the whole process for you. There are two ways by which you can register; the manual way and the Online Way!
Your first step to achieving your financial goals is to decide to start this business today!
The Second Step is to Join the RIGHT Team (C21FG) – You need to join a Moving and Growing Team that can help you Grow fast in this business and support you when necessary. If you are reading this, then you a fortunate person.
Join the growing team of Millionaires today. You can contact me for your registration; the Team you join plays a major role in your success.
You can call our office line on: +2348189333122.


To Join AIM Global, you can pay directly into any of the Alliance In Motion Global bank accounts or order your registration online.

AIM Global Account Details


If you make your payment through direct cash deposit or bank transfer, please follow the instructions below:

Select Your entering package. Once you have made your payment for your desire package, send the following information to us as Text message:

  1. Mode of Payment: ____________
  2. Teller Number (If paid in cash): __
  3. Name on Your Account use in payment: _
  4. Name of Bank: ________________
  5. Amount Paid: _________________
  6. Date Paid: ____________________
  7. Destination Bank (Access or Zenith: _
  8. Your Full name: _______________
  9. Email Address: ________________
  10. Phone Number: _______________
    Once your payment and other detail is confirm, your account will be setup within 24 hrs maximum.

Starter Package Categories

Global Starter Package = N38,000
Entrepreneur Package = N 114,000
International Business = N266,000
Investor Package = N570,000

Global Business Start Package
Capacity Package payout per day

How to Get Pregnant Quickly

Are you wondering what to do next, frustrated, disappointed, sad or angry that you’re not yet pregnant?

If you are trying to deal with failed IVF procedures, a history of miscarriages or other diagnosed fertility problems, you’ve come across this page at just the right time. If you read on you’ll learn why all your infertility issues, including high FSH levels, low ovarian reserve, miscarriages and difficulties in falling pregnant need never to be an issue for you again.

fertility booster

The natural solution am about to introduce you to is capable of curing all infertility problems including the following:

  1. Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  2. Delayed Periods
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Infections
  5. Blockage of the Fallopian Tube
  6. Ovarian Cyst
  7. Miscarriages
  8. High Prolactin
  9. Hormonal Imbalances
  10. Fibroids
  11. Low Sexual Drive

If you’re feeling frustrated or hopeless because of your inability to get pregnant. If all you have been told is that there is nothing wrong with you and yet you can’t get pregnant… then this is your chance to do so.

Watch this video: https: 7 sign of Infertility in Women

  • Have you been trying to conceive and have your own baby without any success?
  • Have you taken several drugs and even concoctions all because you want to become a mother?
  • Have you undergone surgeries and yet you still can’t conceive?
  • Have you been unable to find a solution to your infertility or that of your spouse?
  • Are you ready to grad the best natural solution to getting pregnant naturally?

Introducing… 100% Pure Natural Herbal Formula for Permanently Treating Infertility


FERTILITY BOOSTER combo of 2 POWERFUL Chinese herbal formula – Detoxin Tablet and Women Formula II.  A perfect combination of these herbal formula will help you completely eliminate all types of infertility issues, nourishes your womb, reverse all related symptoms, and regain your natural inner balance in no time – with no side effect.

Detoxin Tablet

This is a very powerful well known ancient Chinese herbal formula for removing the heat and toxin from the upper body. Using this will pave way for Women Formula II to reach where its suppose to reach by removing all toxins attached to the organs of our system.

Other Function Include:

  1. Used for removing the heat accumulated in the body above the waist.
  2. Clears toxin and heat in the liver, heart and upper digestive channel phlegm.
  3. For throat heated feeling, mouth ulcer, toothache, tongue swelling, headache, red eyes, pimples on forehead.

Women Formula II

This is a very powerful combination of ancient Chinese herbs effective against any form of infertility. It is an excellent womb tonic for women with menstrual disorders or fertility issues. It is also an ideal tonic to regularly supplement the blood and invigorating the body, face glowing with health, regulating menstruation and nourishing the face, keeps one younger.

Other Functions includes

Women Formula II is effective for menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome and also good in treating irregular menses due to blood deficiency, light menses, amenorrhea, postpartum fatigue, and infertility.

It can also treat other blood deficiency symptoms like dizziness, dry skin & hair, fatigue, postural dizziness, pale complexion and tongue, poor memory.

Order Revive Now

Tonifies blood and QI, warms the uterus, nurtures yin, resolves stagnation of liver qi and blood. Beneficial in postpartum fatigue.

How to use

We have our method of using this combinations in order to get 100% result. The instruction will be included in your order.

Fertility Booster has helped many Nigeria women to successfully reverse and get pregnant in no time.

The use of these drugs as a natural fertility treatment method as well as for the treatment of various other conditions is based upon the premise that all diseases, dysfunctions, etc, including those that create infertility issues are the result of blockages of the life force energy.

This blockage leads to deficiency or stagnation of the energy in the various parts of the body which leads to the development of diseases and conditions including infertility.

The entire process (2 month usage) will take you between 30-60 days to complete during which you are expected to start seeing positive result in your body system and also exponentially increase your fertility rate.

With this Natural and healthy Pregnancy Therapy:

  • You will never have to complain about been unable to get pregnant.
  • You will never have to complain about irregular periods
  • You will never have to complain about pelvic infections
  • You will never have to complain about low sexual drive.
  • You will never have to complain about hormonal imbalances.
  • You will never have to complain about ovulation problems.
  • You will never have to complain about Premature Ejaculation.
  • You will never have to complain about Low Sperm Count.
  • You will never have to complain about Infertility.
Order Revive Now

Fertility Booster Pack work 100% for all women who use it correctly —-go ahead and get it.

grape defender

How Grape Seed Extract can Help You Live longer

Why Grape is so Important for you!

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the U.S., but many people neglect to eat what is perhaps their healthiest feature — the seeds. Grape seeds are rich in powerful antioxidants and natural plant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs).

OPCs are most well known for their antioxidant activity, which means, at the very least, grape seed may help to destroy free radicals in your body, which in turn may help you avoid premature aging and certain chronic diseases.

However, OPCs also demonstrate a host of other beneficial activities in the body, which may explain why grape seed extract appears to help so many different health conditions while exerting its effects body-wide.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)

“Today, grape seed extract is used as a folk or traditional remedy for conditions related to the heart and blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and poor circulation …


… Complications related to diabetes, such as nerve and eye damage; vision problems, such as macular degeneration (which can cause blindness); swelling after an injury or surgery; cancer prevention; and wound healing.”

The grape seeds used to produce grape seed extract are generally obtained from wine manufacturers.”

OPCs Help Make Grape Seed Extract a Health Superstar

  1. One of grape seed extract’s claims to fame is OPCs, which are related to the much more well-known compound resveratrol (found in grape skins). According to the journal Alternative Medicine Review, OPCs not only have antioxidant activity but are also:
  1. Antibacterial Antiviral
  2. Anti-carcinogenic Anti-inflammatory
  3. Anti-allergic Vasodilatory actions

In addition, the journal reported OPCs “have been found to inhibit lipid peroxidation, platelet aggregation, capillary permeability and fragility, and to affect enzyme systems … Based on these reported findings, OPCs may be a useful component in the treatment of a number of conditions.”

OPCs may even play a role in cancer prevention. Research published in the journal Prostate found OPCs helped stop the spread of prostate cancer cells and also caused apoptosis (cell death) among prostate cancer cells.3 Further, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center:4

“Studies have found that grape seed extracts may prevent the growth of breast, stomach, colon, prostate, and lung cancer cells in test tubes. However, there is no clear evidence whether it works in humans.

Antioxidants, such as those found in grape seed extract, may help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Grape seed extract may also help prevent damage to human liver cells caused by chemotherapy medications.”


Grape seed extract also contains high levels of compounds (procyanidin dimers) that act as aromatase inhibitors. This is likely another way grape seeds may help prevent and treat cancer, specifically hormone-dependent breast cancer.

Aromatase, an enzyme, converts androgen to estrogen and is expressed at higher levels in breast cancer tissues than normal tissues.5

Many types of breast cancer are fueled by estrogen, which is why some chemotherapy drugs work by inhibiting the activity of aromatase. Grape seed extract may exert similar effects naturally.

Grape Seed for Your Heart Health, Skin and Brain

The more research that emerges on grape seeds, the more it becomes clear they have wide-reaching health benefits. Grape seeds have been shown to improve flexibility in joints, arteries and body tissues such as your heart, for instance.

Grape seed also helps improve blood circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins. Additional health benefits include those that follow.

High Blood Pressure

The antioxidants, including flavonoids, linoleic acid, and phenolic procyanidins, in grape seed extract help protect your blood vessels from damage, which may help prevent high blood pressure.

Grape seed extract has previously been shown to help dilate blood vessels and was shown to lower blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome (most of whom also had prehypertension).

Another study found that a grape seed extract beverage improved blood pressure in people with pre-hypertension,7 while a single dose of grape seed extract improved blood pressure in hypertensive rats.8

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

The OPCs in grape seed extract may benefit this condition. About 80 percent of those who consumed OPCs had an improvement in symptoms after the first 10 days of treatment. Feelings of heaviness, itching, and pain were reduced significantly.

Bone Strength

Grape seed extract has been shown to improve bone formation and bone strength in animal studies.9

Swelling (Edema)

Grape seed extract has been found to inhibit leg swelling that can occur during prolonged sitting.10 In addition, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center:11

“Edema is common after breast cancer surgery, and one double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that breast cancer patients who took 600 mg of grape seed extract daily after surgery for six months had less edema and pain than those who took placebo.

Another study found that people who took grape seed extract after experiencing a sports injury had less swelling than those who took placebo.”

Cognitive Decline

Animal studies suggest grape seed extract may reverse hippocampal dysfunction in the brain by reducing oxidative stress and preserving mitochondrial function.12 Grape seed extract may even be useful as a preventative or therapeutic agent in Alzheimer’s disease.13

Oral Health

Grape seed extract solution led to less demineralization and more remineralization of cavities in one lab study. Since remineralization is an effective treatment that may stop or reverse early tooth decay, grape seed extract could play a beneficial role in oral health.


Grape seed extract administered along with exercise training improved lipid profile, weight loss, blood pressure and other diabetic complications better than either intervention administered alone.

According to researchers, “This [grape seed extract and exercise training] may constitute a convenient and inexpensive therapeutic approach to diabetic complications.”

Slight evidence suggests grape seed extract may also be beneficial for

  1. Improving night vision
  2. Protecting collagen and elastin in your skin (for anti-aging effects)
  3. Treating hemorrhoids
  4. Protecting against oxidative rancidity and bacterial pathogens

Can You Get the Benefits of Grape Seeds from Eating Grapes?

If you enjoy snacking on grapes, there’s no reason to spit out the seeds (and may be some benefit from eating them). However, to reach therapeutic quantities of grape seeds you’d need to eat a lot of grapes — and this is not recommended since grapes are one of the highest-fructose fruits.

Most grape-seed extract comes from ground-up seeds from grapes used to make red wine. In fact, grape seeds and their extract are considered a byproduct of the wine and grape juice industries.

While you can purchase whole grape seeds to consume for health purposes, they’re very bitter. This is actually a good thing, as polyphenols, flavonoids, and other beneficial plant compounds almost always taste bitter — it’s a sign they’re good for you.

Unfortunately, since most people find them to be unpalatable, “the food industry routinely removes these compounds from plant foods through selective breeding and a variety of debittering processes.”17 If you’re willing to get past the bitter taste, then whole grape seeds are an option.

defender cap

If not, grape seed and grape seed extract is available in supplement form. There is no daily recommended amount at this time, but some studies used doses of between 100 to 300 milligrams/day.18 The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends looking for products that are standardized to 40 percent to 80 percent proanthocyanidins, or an OPC content of not less than 95 percent.


How to increase your sperm count naturally without drug

There are three major factors that affect sperm count and sperm health in men. This includes stress, obesity, and poor nutrition. Here are foods recommended to boost sperm production, help your libido and sexual stamina and prepare for the task of creating a baby.

  1. GARLIC:

    recs-medix garlicGarlic is an excellent choice for encouraging sperm production. It contains selenium, an antioxidant necessary for sperm motility; and allicin, a compound that protects the male swimmers from damage and improves circulation to the sexual organs. You can add 1-2 chopped or crushed garlic cloves to meals daily for a rise in sperm count.
    According to historians, ancient Egyptians used garlic to boost their stamina. While they didn’t have modern-day science to confirm that it actually worked, they were most certainly onto something. Researchers have confirmed that consuming the plant helps stop the formation of new fatty deposits, called nano plaques, inside arterial walls. Yes, that includes the arteries leading to your penis, too.
    Keep your heart healthy and your erections stronger by adding some of the kitchen staple to your weekly dishes.


    recsmedix ginsengGinseng is well-known natural aphrodisiac, but it also works wonders for those needing a conception boost. This male tonic is used to relax muscles, boost testosterone levels, improve blood flow to the genital region, and enhance sexual desire and performance. Evidence suggests that this herb can also be called on to treat erectile dysfunction. You may consume 2-6g of dried ginseng root daily for a reproductive pick-me-up.
    Men may take ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction. According to a 2002 Korean study revealed that 60 percent of men who took ginseng noticed an improvement in their symptoms. Research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology also claimed to provide “evidence for the effectiveness of red ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.”


    recsmedix walnutWalnut aids semen motility and viability by improving blood flow to the sexual organs. Aside from its sperm-enhancing prowess, walnuts are also known to lower cholesterol and boost brain function too. Just eight walnuts a day will make for happy swimmers.
    Apart from sperm boosting, here is how nuts can boost sexual stamina: Pistachios, peanuts, and walnuts all contain the amino acid L-arginine, which is one of the building blocks of nitric oxide—a naturally-occurring gas that helps guys maintain their erections. Plus, nuts also help reduce cholesterol levels. The less cholesterol you have in your system, the easier it is for blood to circulate throughout your body and down to your penis, which can help you maintain a firmer erection longer.


    dark chocoDark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, which fight harmful free radicals and promote heart health. This is important for anyone experiencing fertility issues as free radical damage is thought to be a major factor in male infertility. Dark chocolate’s high antioxidant content actually rivals that of the acai berry, blue berry, cranberry and pomegranate, with the dark seduction trumping these super fruits in both polyphenols and flavonoids levels. Stick to a few small squares of dark chocolate per day for healthy semen.


    OystersOysters contain high levels of zinc, which is essential for sperm production and the creation of testosterone. Eight oysters a week is a good place to start. The zinc can be stored in our body, so there’s no need to eat them daily.
    Oysters contain more zinc than any other food. Zinc is necessary for proper growth and development, strengthens the immune system and promotes healing. This definitely upped the ranking of oysters in my mind as a food worthy of our nutritional intake.


    recsmedix bananaBananas have been found to increase male libido and regulate sex hormones because of an enzyme called bromelain (bromelain is also found in pineapple). This is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme which also boosts sperm count and motility. They’re also full of vitamins C, A and B1 which will boost his body’s ability to produce sperm as well as increase your sperm productivity.Bananas are high in potassium and riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy levels, so that makes them a great snack to eat before a “workout.”

    In addition, bananas are great for anyone who gets pre-date butterflies because they help relax the nervous system. With all of these great benefits, it’s no wonder monkeys are so obsessed with them.


    fruitFruits like oranges, strawberries, cherries, and other antioxidant-rich fruits are effective in boosting sperm count and preventing damage to sperm. Eating a fruit salad helps you absorb all the nutrients of fruits at one time. By making eating fruits a habit, it can help counteract free radical damage to sperm cells. The semen of men who take up to 1000 milligrams of vitamin C daily has less clumping than that of their deficient counterparts. This means that vitamin C can both increase sperm motility and the chances of fertilization.


    recs pepperThe hot and fiery vegetables are a great way to spice up your sex life. They’ve got the right amount of kick to increase blood flow and circulation, and the side effects of consumption are pretty similar to those associated with sex; sweating, increased heart rate, and a tingling sensation.
    Chili peppers are also good sources of capsaicin – the molecule that gives peppers their hotness – and help your body release endorphins to get you feeling frisky.


    aspaginusAnother food to increase sperm count is the green vegetable called asparagus. Super high in vitamin C, it has a wide range of positive effects on your sperm. It protects the cells of your testicles and fights free radicals, allowing for greater sperm production of healthy swimmers.
    It also help to protects sperm from damage and increases its motility and volume – so your man will have more swimmers and they’ll move faster.


    BROCCOLIBesides asparagus, another green vegetable full of folic acid is broccoli. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is already known to help women conceive and is now becoming more recognized as important in male fertility. In one study, men taking a daily dose increased their sperm count by as much as 70%.


    POMEGRANATESThis delicious fruit is known as a powerful food to increase sperm count and improve semen quality. It is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the blood stream. The juice of pomegranates has been recorded throughout history as being used as a fertility booster. Pomegranate compounds also will improve erectile dysfunction and it has been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure.

  12. EGGS

    eggEggs are considered a great option to increase sperm count, as well as improve their motility. High in vitamin E and full of protein a deficiency of which is responsible for testicular tissue degeneration.
    Eating eggs protect sperm cells from the free radicals that can decrease your count egg, and therefore this vitamin is considered one of the most important nutrients for fertility. Men and women alike would do well to have eggs as part of their regular diet. These nutrients assist in the production of strong and healthy sperm, which is important to fertility.

  13. BEEF

    beefBeef is a rich source of zinc, which possesses protective properties that prevent free radicals from becoming part of healthy sperm. Zinc also stops testosterone from converting into estrogen which is responsible for low libido. According to the Mayo Clinic, daily consumption of 66 milligrams of zinc may increase sperm counts in sub-fertile men and 220 milligrams of daily zinc is helpful for sexual dysfunction in men. Eating beef is easy to do and will affect your sex life in many positive ways.

    If you’re vegetarian like me, don’t worry! There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan foods that are abundant sources of zinc.

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