Rain International

Rain International

Rain International is committed to providing nutritious and organic products. That’s why they only source from all-natural ingredients and super-nutritious seeds.

Each product Rain International creates, along with its ingredient profile, has gone through rigorous testing by a Scientific Advisory Team. They test how effective and how potent each product is, in other to provide the best for all consumers.

Rain International believes that all life and nutrition begin with a seed. The seeds of plants contain more nutrients per part than what they grow into. So Rain International went straight to the source and extracted those nutrients and created life-changing products.

The Rain International Short Story

Rain International sprung into existence with a group of doctors and scientists who wanted to find healthier ways of living. Their search took them to seeds, the building blocks of life, as their source of nutrition and inspiration.

When Rain International saw the positive effects its seed-based products were giving to people in critical conditions, they knew they had something special.

As a result, Rain International was founded on this amazing idea. Other products were then added (and many more is continuously being added).

Recs-Medix and Rain International

Recs-Medix is the Number one Online supplement store in Nigeria. We are the No.1 Distributor of Rain International Supplements in Nigeria. Recs-Medix provides all of Rain International’s impressive and effective range of products including Rain Soul with so many testimonies that guarantee total health restoration.

Residents of Abuja and Lagos who order any product from us get their delivery that same day.

Deliveries to the United State, Canada, UK, and other international countries takes 2-5 working days.

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