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Uno Premier

Uno Premier, came to existence in 1998. The company started with a vision to provide world class products to people all over the globe. Uno Premier brought about success, which then led to the creation of its mother company.

This company offers include premium wellness products like beauty and skincare, as well as different spa treatments. They also offers a plethora of products to choose from. It is to also one of the leading providers of high quality luxury health and wellness products.

With the increase in health concerns and awareness, the industry has been booming. And it is their utmost expectation to reach an unimaginable height.

When it comes to this particular company, you can always find varieties of products in the categories of health, wellness, nutrition and beauty.

Recs-Medix and Uno Premier

Recs-Medix is a Nigerian company that has been in the forefront of the supplement business and maintaining large stocks of Uno Premier. We ensure prompt delivery of orders.

Recs-Medix provides all these company’s impressive and effective products and supplements catalog which includes: Powdered Drink Mix, 1st Health 8-in-1 Coffee, 8 in 1 Black Coffee Powdered Mix: and Sante8Berries

These products were tested extensively and they show excellent results. they are cost effective and easy to get, making it a good decision for anyone.

We deliver supplements in Lagos and Abuja the very day you order them.

We offer fast and secure shipping to US, Canada, Europe, and more, with a delivery period ranging within 3-5 days.

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