Digestive problems :
> GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux (heartburn)
> Gastric Ulcer
> Duodenum Ulcer
Digestive problems :
> Constipation
> Irritable bowel syndrome
> Hepatitis (Liver)
> Fatty Liver
> Alcoholic Liver
> Liver Cirrhosis

Digestive Care Package :
Propolis Plus capsule : Kill Gram-positive cocci & rods bacteria & H. pylori which is implicated in gastric ulcers and colitis

Chitosan capsule : With its gastric cytoprotective & ulcer healing promoting actions, it increases the mucus development in esophagus & stomach. It accelerates the healing process of ulcer healing. Bind toxins in large intestine and boost liver function
In Cleansing Tea : It helps you improve healthy bowel movement, alleviate dyspepsia and flatulence and detoxify the body.

Hepatsure capsule : Dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation of liver; stabilize liver cell membrane & improve liver metabolism.

Spir ulina Plus capsule : Spirulina is a 100% alkaline health food that can neutralize the excessive stomach acid output. The chlorophyll in it has a soothing effect on the irritated stomach lining. Furthermore, phycocyanins in spirulina is an ulcer inhibitor.
Lecithin softgel : Accelerate the renewal of the liver cells; prevent gall stone formation as a emulsifier

Ganoderma Plus capsule : Reduce SGOT and SGPT (liver enzymes clinically indicate liver disorders and impairment of liver function).
Green World Propolis Plus Capsule is suitable for :
> People with compromised immunity, or those who are physically weak or prone to cold or flu
> People with with chronic infections (bacterial, fungal or viral infection)
> People with elevated blood sugar level
> People with type 2 diabetes or complications of diabetes
> People with skin problems such as acnes & pimples.

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