LONGRICH Vintage Wine

Longrich Vintage Wine: Benefit, Usage, Price & Advantage

Longrich Vintage Wine: Benefit, Usage, Price & Advantage

Longrich Vintage Wine offers a traditional recipe that strengthens the immune system and helps to better manage blood circulation and improve your sex life.

The quality wines acquired with age also help alleviate fatigue, rheumatism treatment, sedation, reducing cholesterol levels in the body as well as aids digestion which can lower menstrual discomfort and other pains.

In addition, Longrich wine reduces risk of heart diseases while working on improving sexual performance for men.

Health Benefits of Longrich Vintage Wine

For centuries, wine has been seen as a symbol of health and prosperity. Vintage wines are no exception. The health benefits of vintage Wine include:

  1. Enhance sexual performance by boosting libido for both Men and Women.
  2. Prevent Premature Ejaculation in Men
  3. Boost Sperm Production in Men
  4. Enhance Women Sexual desire and Drive
  5. Reduce Body pain and Menstrual Cramp
  6. Treat Impotency and weak erection
  7. Help to reduce belly fat
  8. Powerful body Detoxification and Immune Booster

Other health benefit Include:

  1. Boosts the immune system.
  2. It is a purifier, a cleanser.
  3. It helps to improve fertility in both Men it boosts sperm count.
  4. Restores and improves sexual performance in men and increases libido in women.
  5. It reduces body pains and menstrual discomfort.
  6. Aids treatment for a bladder infection, cholera, convulsion, chronic fatigue, cystitis, constipation, cellulitis, diarrhea, dyspepsia/indigestion, depression, dizziness, fragility, gallbladder stones, gastritis, impotence or weak erection, obesity.
  7. Help reduce belly fat with the help of safflower.
  8. It also helps to increase metabolism of the body thereby preventing accumulation of fat in the body.
  9. Excellent aid for weight loss.

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How To Take And Use Longrich Wine

There are many ways to take Longrich wines for a variety of reasons. The best way to take Longrich vintage wine is to have a glass or two with your favorite dish. In addition, this will help you savor the flavor of this delicious.

  1. Longrich Vintage Wine is a type of wine that tastes like fruit and has a sweet aftertaste.
  2. It’s best served chilled or at room temperature, but can also be served warm in the winter months.
  3. Fill a wine glass with ice
  4. Pour Longrich Vintage Wine into the glass
  5. Add lemonade to taste and stir gently.
  6. The best way to drink it is by itself with friends and family, In addition, it can also be paired with cheese or chocolate for an extra treat!
  7. Enjoy!

This is an aged wine that has been matured for years in oak barrels and bottled for consumption. You can also enjoy this vintage in moderation as part of a special occasion meal with your spouse.

Longrich Vintage Wine Dosage

Longrich Vintage liquor should be consumed 30-50ml daily. The alcohol content is suitable for most people but you can mix with water to desirable quantity. Vintage Wine is 38% alcohol volume.

Use with caution. Not suitable for Underage, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems or ulcer patients because of the alcoholic content.

Longrich Vintage Wine Dosage is not suitable for people with cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases and hepatic/renal insufficiency.

Longrich Vintage Wine Price

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Specification For Vintage Wine

  • This wine is 500ml.
  • It has certified approved by all relevant health agency including FDA, NAFDAC e.t.c
  • The Alcohol content of Longrich Vintage Wine is 38% alcohol volume.
  • Period of validity: 24 months. 


Drink responsibly. Take only when your spouse or sex partner is available.

Not suitable for Children, pregnant women and those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease or alcohol allergies

Ingredient of Vintage Wine:

  1. Safflower
    This is a rare natural herb with effects on curing my myocardial ischemia, improving blood circulation, alleviating fatigue and pain, and facilitating sedation and rheumatism treatment.
  2. Cortex Acanthopanacis
    It has special effects on curing rheumatism and arthritis, strengthening bones, removing blood stasis and so forth.
  3. Papaya
    This is a homology of food and medicine;  it relaxes muscles, alleviates rheumatism pain, tendon spasm, numbness, and joint disorders. In addition, it is also an effective aphrodisiac.
  4. Liquor
    It clears collaterals channels, improves blood circulation and serves as “the coordinator of drugs. Facilitating the drug effects directly on the focus of diseases

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