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Ginseng Coffee for Double Vitality

● Exquisite Columbia coffee infused with top-grade American Ginseng
● Anti-fatigue & improve body-resilience
● Regulate endocrine and metabolic system

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Enjoy Reishi, Enjoy Health

● Premium Reishi extract & top quality refreshing coffee
● Boosting immunity in a cup of Columbia coffee
● Promote physical health

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40 Plus For Men 


Vitamin E, Saw palmetto, Pumpkin seed oil, Zinc, Lecithin.

Health Benefits:

  1. Use for treatment of prostate problems and incontinence.
  2. Helps to reduce the swelling of the prostate gland and improve prostrate health.
  3. Helps to treat and prevent Prostate Cancer (in combination with Defender capsules).
  4. Helps with weak erection and fertility issues in men.
  5. Improves sperm count
8,760 6,135


It is useful for joint and muscular pain useful in the treatment of Rheumatism it prevent Arthritis it relieves backache and wait pain it prevent muscular problem.


Health Benefits:

  • Effective for treating Arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Eases severe joint, muscular and waist pain.
  • Aids cartilage repair.
  • Combats free radicals and inhibits certain enzymes that destroy the cartilage that lead to arthritic problems.
14,500 10,500
3,500 2,050
World First Alkaline Healthy coffee, made from the finest Arabica Coffee beans, fortified with 16000 phytonutrients.


  • Helps Balance the body’s PH Level
  • Lowers Cholesterol levels
  • Controls high-blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration
  • Enhances sexual vitality
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Relieves Headache
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it improve general health of the body Boost immune system and raise energy it combat tiredness to aid poor digestion and assist in detoxification to mobilize the own natural defence


Aloe Vera,Aloe Bitters,Green tea, Ginseng , Vitamin C & Sutherlandia.

Health benefits:

1. Helps to improve general health.
2. Boosts the Immunity.
3. Increases blood circulation,energy level and stamina.
4. Normalizes blood sugar in diabetic patients and deals with other symptoms.
5. Contains soluble fiber which aids poor digestion,softens stool,eases bowel movement and colon cleansing
6. Part of a combination treatment for Staph.
7. Contains ginseng which is beneficial for High blood-pressure.
8.Helps to dissolve kidney stones.
9.Restricts cancer cell growth.
10.Reduces cholesterol.
11. Potent detox cleanser..
12. Part of a combination therapy (with 40 plus for men) for weak erection / erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.
13. Has anti-inflammatory properties.
14. General health tonic for the young and elderly people
15. Contains Aloevera which helps to reduce the effect of chemotherapy and radio therapy on cancer patients.

(Contains 500 ml and 1Litre)

3,060 2,350

Magical pills for diarrhea

AntiDiarr Pills provide anti-bacteria protection to digestive system, relieve stomach pain and effectively control acute diarrhoeal disesases. Formulated with Cortex Phellodendri and Muliuyou, AntiDiarr Pills reduce gastrointestinal dysfunctions such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

• Effectively control acute diarrheal diseases
• Reduce gastrointestinal dysfunctions
• Made with natural ingredients
• A family medication with a long history

17,800 8,900
Key Features
  •  An excellent combination of essential nutrients; Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid
  •  Aids metabolic processes: cell division, DNA synthesis, red blood cell production, and proper nerve function.
  • Highly essential for pregnant women
  • Helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels
  • Extremely safe, even in large amounts
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
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  • All in One, One for All
  • Support Your Energy Levels & Vitality
  • Boost Immunity System
  • Increase Metabolism
9,500 6,300

Characteristics and Benefits:

  1. Prevents and improves high blood pressure, high blood lipid, and high blood glucose;
  2. Provides rich and balanced nutrients, and improves immunity;
  3. Clears the wastes in the body, nourishes the skin, maintains beauty and young appearance;
  4. Improves blood circulation of heart and brain;
  5. Relieves fatique and revitalizes stamina;
  6. Beneficial for weight control.

Suitable for:

  • People need to improve nutritional status
  • People intend to prevent and improve high blood pressure, high blood lip and high blood glucose.
15,000 8,500

Black Cohosh is a traditional herb that is helpful for female fertility, menstruation and menopause.

It relieves PMS and hot flushes in menopausal women.

It has mild estrogen-like activities and can help fix symptoms related to hormonal imbalance in women.

This is a bottle of 180 capsules of black cohosh root with each capsule containing 540mg.

250,000 160,000


  1.  Improves Blood Circulation & Metabolism
  2. Anti-Cellulite And Weight Loss Effect
  3. Stimulates Intestine
  4. Enhanced Immunity
  5. Regulates The Neural System
11,154 8,580

Blueberry Super Nutrition Ingredients: Blueberry Extract, Blueberry powder, Dietary fiber of fruits and vegetables, Natto polypeptide, Malic Acid

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Provides rich and balanced Nutrition, enhances immunity;
  2. Removes free radicals, especially radicals in the brain and eyes;
  3. Protects cells and DNA from damaged.

Suitable for:

  • People of all age groups
  • People demanding supplemental and balanced nutrition
  • People with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipid level
  • People under stress or with chronic fatigue · People of low immunity or at the sub-health status
18,900 10,600

Function & Indications:

A brew of a selection of various precious Chinese herbs with advanced scientific method and technology, gives strength and stamina. It benefits the body more as a health care product than other regular liquor beverages. It is good for both men and women. Daily use is highly recommended for optimum benefit.

9,700 7,050

Key Features

  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Protects the heart and prevents complications
  • Helps control high blood pressure
  • Helps normalize blood sugar level
  • Enhances, nourishes, strengthens, and balances the immune system
  • Rejuvenates the skin
10,500 7,500
  1.   Sugar-free yet tastefully crisp and delicious
  2. Boosts immune system and stamina
  3. Lowers blood sugar level
  4. Ganoderma extract that offers health benefits
  5. Oxygenate the body and balance body pH
  6. Supports blood circulation and rejuvenate cells
  7. Supports memory and focus
  8. Reduces blood pressure
9,300 7,150

Ingredients: Nano Calcium, Sucrose, Starch, Nano Milk Calcium

Suitable for:

  1. Adults who are unable to meet the calcium daily intake allowance from their diet
  2. Adults with calcium deficiency
  3. Females during pregnancy or lactation
  4. Postmenopausal females
  5. Seniors with insufficient daily intake of calcium
8,600 5,500

Three of the most essential minerals your body needs are Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc and they are all contained in Nature’s Field Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc.

Calcium strengthens bones and maintain proper bone health. Calcium as well as magnesium is also used to achieve proper muscle contraction and nerve function. Proper bone mineralization is made possible with the right amount of calcium and magnesium taken in each day. Zinc plays a key role by assisting in the process of cell division and growth.

Key Features
  • Calcium strengthens bones and maintain proper bone health.
  • Calcium as well as magnesium is also used to achieve proper muscle contraction and nerve function.
  • Proper bone mineralization is made possible with the right amount of calcium
- 28 %
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