Asthma & Respiratory Care

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World First Alkaline Healthy coffee, made from the finest Arabica Coffee beans, fortified with 16000 phytonutrients.


  • Helps Balance the body’s PH Level
  • Lowers Cholesterol levels
  • Controls high-blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration
  • Enhances sexual vitality
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Relieves Headache
78,800 55,000

The Asthma Care Pack is a carefully selected set of Chinese herbal formula designed to cure chronic cough and asthma. You don’t have to live with the fear of asthma any longer because with this newly discovered herbal products, it is now very easy to cure asthma.

69,000 48,000

Asthma – With combine herbs, the treatment is designed in aiding the diseases of the bronchial tubes.

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Buy CELLGEVITY now and optimize cellular functions for your health.

  1. Advanced Riboceine Technology and Antioxidant that provides ultimate in glutathione enhancement. Help you optimize cellular functions for the health you deserve.
  2. Enhance natural Glutathione production and efficiently detoxify cells for optimal performance and function.
  3. Regulate, repair, and recycle other important antioxidants in the body.
  4. Transport Max’s exclusive RiboCeine™ technology into cells.
  5. Support a healthy immune system.
  6. Gluten and Melamine-free.
10,140 7,800

Product Function: 

Benefitting the lungs, kidneys, inhibiting tumors, anti-aging, respiratory and blood circulation, regulating menstruation and beauty.

49,000 28,900

Treat Cough with natural herbal medicine

1. Work on the nerve and muscle of respiration system.
2. Clean the whole respiration system, cure a cough and stop phlegm.
3. Release the muscle tension and adjust the pace of breath.

14,370 11,050


  1. Work on the nerve and muscle of respiration system.
  2. Clean the whole respiration system, cure the cough and stop phlegm.
  3. Release the muscle tension, relieve asthma and adjust the pace of breath.


Asthma, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and pneumonia caused by dust, infection, cold, flu or any other reasons.


cough, hard to breathe, breath heavily, irregular breath and too much phlegm. As well as many other symptoms caused by such is mentioned above. Like emphysema, heart disease, etc.

Usage: one unit per time, 2 times per day. Pour the powder into the mouth, take some water and swallow it.

Package: 10 units / bottle.
Storage: Keep in cool, dark & dry place

9,600 7,720

* The main ingredient are cordyceps sinensis, zinc-accumulated yeast, powder of Vitamin E, and carotin. Zinc, can protect procreation system and is good for the eyes. Vitamin E and carotin are very good antioxidants. its functions have been widely used.
* Boost male fertility
* It gives vitality and vigor
* For cardiovascular diseases
* Boost appetite
* Anti-agin

4,500 3,780

Coffee without Limits! Enjoy your favorite Coffee time with the Deliciously Healthy Liven Coffee. The First Alkaline Coffee with lots of great health benefits made of Premium Arabica Coffee beans.


• Lowers cholesterol level• Protects against heart disease and complications• Helps prevent cancer of any origin
• Controls high-blood pressure
• Prevents degenerative diseases such an Arthritis and Rheumatism
• Reduces the risk of developing Type II Diabetes
• Prevents Parkinson’s Disease
• Enhances, nourishes, strengthens and balances the Immune System
• Detoxifies the Body

25,000 17,500

MEBO GI capsule – Awesome Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging Breakthrough, Super Fast Healing of Gastric-intestinal and Related Problems

  • A perfect treatment for any cancer and Gastrointestinal problem
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Increases heart health.
  • Manage anxiety and depression.
  • Protect infant and boost dental health.
  • Improve the digestive process and lowers inflammation.
  • Can be mixed with hair cream to help eliminate any of the pathogens or foreign bodies that attack your scalp or hairs.
  • Helps to darken hair color and also eliminate hair loss.
  • Helps treat ulcer without leaving any internal scars.
32,900 21,800

BETA – GUARD This is a natural food product that has been confirmed good and working to protect against air pollutants (toxins) and inhaling chemicals including anybody that do spend most of time under air conditions.
Defend Yourself Against Environmental Toxins


  1. Promotes the body’s natural detoxifying process
  2. Provides protection against free radicals, oxidation and toxic pollution.
  3. Protects the Lungs against infections.
  4. Neutralize the toxic effect of alcohol and smoke.
28,400 21,840

A Selected Gift Infused with Nature

● People who concerns about immunity

● People who concerns about respiratory system health

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Immune Booster

Ecinachea, Vitamin C, Garlic Oil, Codliver Oil, Ginger Extract, Selenium, Citrus Bioflavanoids.

Builds up the immune system & regulate it it fight infection causes by germ and viruses it boost the energy level of the body it ant – bacterials and anti – inflatory action protect agains cancer,heart diseases

Health benefits:

  1. Use for treatment of general infections.
  2. Eliminate the symptoms of running nose, sneezing, cough, etc.
  3. Has anti-inflamatory properties.
  4. Fights fungal infection like eczema etc.
  5. Anti-oxidant.
  6. Bronchitis.
  7. Candida.
  8. Boosts immunity.
  9. Rheumatism.
55,000 42,000

Tuberculosis – The combine herbs treat what is usually called the small cough infection that affects the lungs and the body.

13,700 10,080
Dietary supplements. Fruitflow helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by keeping platelets smooth and reducing platelet aggregation. A natural and safe ingredient, Fruitflow does not disrupt the blood clotting process
Vida Maxx started to work as quickly as 1.5 hours after taking the supplement and continued to enhance normal blood circulation for up to 12 hours.
lowers heart disease
help control sugar level and detoxify
lower cancer risk
lower skin damage risk
lowers risk of asthma and other lung disorder
better hair and skin
lower risk of osteoporosis
help in weight loss