African P Plus Moringa : Heart Protector with 25 Vitamins and Minerals


African P +Moringa

African P plus Moringa is a natural blend of African Potato, a medicinal plant that contains Sterols and Sterolins, combined with the nutritious Moringa Oleifera that is rich in antioxidants and bioactives to help promote healthy digestion and immune system.

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African P +Moringa

African P +Moringa is a natural blend of African Potato, a medicinal plant that contains Sterols and Sterolins, combined with the nutritious Moringa Oleifera that is rich in antioxidants and bio-actives to help promote healthy digestion and immune system.

It combines the anti-inflammatory properties of African Potato and Moringa, which support the body’s immune system, thereby assisting the body to heal itself and promote overall health. This product is a synergistic blend of pure, organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced from Africa.

African P + Moringa is an amazing herb for protecting the heart. It has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease. P + Moringa is a plant native to Africa and is already used as natural medicine. It contains high levels of antioxidants, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Moringa has the ability to balance the immune system, promote detoxification, and assist the body in healing itself. The leaves of moringa contain a wide range of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids.

African P + Moringa is beneficial for prostate disorders. It is a natural, organic supplement that helps to maintain a healthy prostate. This product contains nutrients that reduce inflammation and support the growth of cells in the prostate. This supplement also supports the immune system, helping it defend against infections and cancer.

African P + Moringa is a natural supplement for HIV & AIDS. It’s been known to combat both virus strains, thereby protecting the immune system. Primarily, it aids in boosting the immune system and strengthens overall health as well as improves stamina and energy levels.

A unique formula that harnesses the natural sterols (fats) in African potatoes to protect against heart disease in both men and women.

Health Benefits of African P +Moringa

  1. Decreases inflammation.
  2. It reduces cholesterol.
  3. Balances the immune system and assists the body to heal itself.
  4. Promote overall wellness.
  5. Beneficial for urinary tract and bladder infection.
  6. Beneficial for prostate disorders

Dosage and Administration

  • Take 1 capsule daily or as directed.

Precaution/Side of Effect of African P +Moringa

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed.
  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children below 12 years.

Key Ingredients of African P +Moringa

African potato (Hypoxis), cayenne, beta-sitosterols powder, moringa powder.


  •  30 Capsules per bottle

Net Weight

  • 0.75 kg

Recommended Bottles

  •  We recommend using this product for 2 to 3 months for optimum results

Suitable for

  • Adults

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