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Swissgarde African Potato Capsules

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African Potato Capsules

This is one of the most powerful Natural herbs taken from African Soil.
Traditional African healers have been using the African Potato plant for centuries and swear by its great healing and protective powers.

African Potato is a combination of African potato (Hypoxis) extracts with Phyto-Sterols and Sterolins.

Health Benefits:

  1. It helps to balance white blood cells and boost immunity against recurrent illnesses (e.g malaria, typhoid, staphylococcus,etc.)
  2. It provides support for HIV patients.
  3. Beneficial for Tuberculosis patients.
  4. It helps to eliminate the symptoms of stress.
  5. It is effective against autoimmune disease like Arthritis,Psoriasis,Vitiligo,etc.
  6. Helps to reduce the effect of stress hormones on the body.
  7. It is a dietary support for cancer patients
  8. It helps to curb the damaging effects for chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the body
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