AG Cera Nutrition: Stem Cell That Work Perfectly


There’s a reason why AG CERA Stem Cell Nutrition has been the most preferred brand of stem cell nutritional supplements for more than 20 years – they work. The products are made from all-natural ingredients and have no stimulants or hormones.

AG Cera is a stem cell Regeneration, Replication, Rejuvenation and Restoration product.


AG Cera Nutrition: Stem Cell That Work Perfectly

AG Cera Nutrition is a revolutionary formulation that harnesses the unrivalled natural health properties of ingredients locked in eight exotic plants and fruits. These ingredients work at the cellular level to activate adult stem cells.

Researchers have confirmed that stem cell supplements, such as AG CERA, are capable of multiplying the number of adult stem cells present in the body thereby dramatically increasing their numbers.

These special substances strengthen and energize them to aid in repairing damaged tissues and organs throughout your entire body!

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have recently published a study confirming that just one month’s use for an individual who had undergone treatment for cancer was enough time to repair damage done by chemo or radiation treatments without relapse occurring.

What Does Ag Cera Treat?

AG Cera is a stem cell Regeneration, Replication, Rejuvenation and Restoration product. AG Cera Nutrition function perfectly without any side effects whatsoever. This is a result of the entire ingredient being plant based with no harmful chemicals like dangerous drugs commonly prescribed today.

AG Cera Treat and used for the followings:

  • Dry, cracked skin or minor burns.
  • Muscle pain from overexertion.
  • Tension headaches caused by stress and injury.
  • Relief for heartburn, indigestion, bloating, sciatica etc.
  • Sinus congestion due to hay fever.
  • Insomnia/poor sleep quality

Health Benefits Of AG Cera

AG CERA is a treatment that cures many health conditions, including:

  1. Premature ejaculation and Impotence in Men.
  2. Infertility in both Male and Female.
  3. Diabetes and High blood pressure.
  4. Heart diseases and Stroke.
  5. Cancers of all types.
  6. Kidney failures.
  7. Arthritis and bone diseases.
  8. Parkinson disease.
  9. Goitre & Thyroid problems.
  10. Uterine Fibroids.
  11. Premature Ageing manifesting as dry, sagging and wrinkles face.
  12. Burns.
  13. Brain damage.
  14. Gastrititis.
  15. Migraine
  16. Sinusitis and Asthma.
  17. Bacterial and viral infections.
  18. Psoriasis, dermatitis & Eczema.
  19. Poor vision, cataract and glaucoma.

What are the Ingredients in AG Cera

8 powerful ingredient include: Ceramosides, Hytolive, Sakura, Curcumin, Gymnema Sylvestre, Pomegranate, Mixed Berried and White Peach.

  1. Packaging: Powder AG Cera Nutrition.
  2. Each pack contain 14sachets X 3000mg.
  3. Non prescription Drug

AG Cera Side Effects

This breakthrough product, AG Cera Nutrition is made of 100% natural ingredient. There is no side effect associated with this supplement. It is safe to use by people of all age.

AG Cera Stem Cell and How It Works

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the raw materials from which the body human body is built. They are the primary cells which differentiate and divide to become different body cells, tissues and organs.

The human body has adult stem cells throughout its life time. They are responsible for repair and healing of injuries and restoration of healthy function of the body cells and organs. Research has determined that the human body started out with 6 to 7 trillion stem cells. However, as we age, the cells gradually reduce in population, become weak and slow in action. These manifest as the emergence of various diseases, some of them chronic and physical aging with wrinkled skin and face.

Stem cells derive their power from the incredible and amazing ability to transform into any tissue in the body. This ability and power makes it possible for a stem cell therapy to be used effectively to treat any disease conditions whatsoever.
Research has confirmed that multiplication of the adult stem cells would lead to elimination of diseases. The more the population of stem cells in the body, the healthier the individual.

What AG CERA, essentially a natural stem cell supplement does is to activate, wake up and energize the weak and slowly acting adult stem cells. Not only that it boost their population up, making them to proliferate and increase in number, it also strengthen and energize the cells. The product is so potent that in some cases, result is seen within the first few days of taking the product.

How To Take AG Cera Stem Cell product

The Dosage

  • Pour 1 sachet AG Cera into the mouth and swallow it immediately.
  • Make sure you don’t swallow it to be effective.
  • Please ensure you don’t dissolve AG Cera once it is under the tongue.
  • Take it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. And ensure it is administered under the tongue, so that it can be absorbed directly into your blood stream.
  • One hour after taking a sachet of AG Cera, you can drink some water.
  • Make sure during the course of the day drink at least 2 liters of water.
  • Note that you must be in the upright sitting posture when taking AG Cera.
  • Ensure you don’t smoke an hour before or after taking this product.
  • Hold AG Cera under the tongue for an average of 10-15 minutes until it dissolves.
  • The AG Cera dosage is one sachet daily. Note that it is not advisable to exceed the normal dosage of 1 sachet per day.
  • Ensure you give half sachet per day for underage children.
  • Note that one box contains 14 sachets which last for 14 days.

AG Cera treat

AG Cera Testimonies

The AG Cera Stem cell testimonies are about how they have made a difference in peoples lives. A picture worth more than a thousands words.

AG Cera Nutrition AG Cera Nutrition AG Cera Nutrition Stem Cell AG Cera Nutrition Stem Cell


AG Cera Price and Where To Get It

This product is available in the market in various countries such Asia, North America and Europe. You can get AG Cera price in Nigeria and other Africa countries here through our website. How much is AG Cera depend on where you are getting the products from.

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