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Anti-Hypertension Tea

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Anti-hypertensive tea is an ideal daily product for high blood pressure sufferer to balance blood pressure and heals dizziness and palpitation. It contains several natural products against blood pressure, lipid and fat . In addition to enriching the blood elements and resist tension. Helps Ear ringing & restlessness caused by hypertension

Ingredients: cassiae seed, self-heal, uncaria, motherwort fruit,scutellaria, and green tea

Effects after use:

In 7 days of use: reduces dizziness and numbness of the arms;

In two weeks: it steadily decreases blood pressure; reduces insomnia

In one month: maintains blood pressure and tones the body.

Content: 20 tea bags

For people with:

Hypertension, High cholesterol, High blood sugar, Strong anger, Compromised immune system.


Three times a day, Use one tea-bag each time with boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes before drinking.


Not to be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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    Suitable for: People with high blood sugar · people with type 2 diabetes · people with elevated blood lipid level, or other known metabolic syndrome

    Available in: Glucoblock Capsule (DiaSure Capsule)