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Multi-functional Car Massage Cushion

You can be energized on Your Way To Work or your journey, Relieve Stress on Your Way From Work or your long-distance journey with multi-functional Car Massage Cushion.

This microcomputer physically controlled massage car seat cushion, is a fine mix of a new high technology computer and Traditional Chinese Medicine massage theory.

The car massage combines the crumple, pound, press of fingers, roll and scrape of the traditional massage together.

It provides both the pleasant feeling of massage, and also cures many kinds of disease caused by obstructed blood circulation through simulating blood circulation.

This car massage cushion can be placed on every seat of your car to give both you and every member of your family on-board the same healthy feeling.

You can even get into your car from time to time, whether you are driving or not, and just let this microcomputer seat calm your nerves and relieve you of any stress.

Key Features:

1Proper Blood Circulation: It circulates blood and improves your look as an effective massage by kneading the acupuncture point of the body which can help dilate the capillary vessel, stimulates arteries and veins and improve blood circulation. This strengthens the luster and springiness of your skin and make you look in good color and spirit.
2Relieving Fatigue: The microcomputer seat is designed according to the distribution of bone and the structure of the acupuncture points of the body. It massages many parts of the body such as the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs. It soothes away pains from these regions thereby relieving fatigue.

Since people always feel tired after the day’s work because the spine is pressed by the weight of the body while working, this amazing massage can soothe away those pains, tiredness and facilitate blood circulation.

3. It Adjusts the metabolism and brings it to equilibrium.
As it massages the whole body by the magnetic line of force, the product activates cell organization, facilitates blood circulation and improves metabolism that finally balances the equilibrium of the body.

4. It Cures neurasthenia and relieves nervousness
This microcomputer massage contains 6 vibrators, that not only balances your equilibrium but effective cures many chronic disease such as high blood pressure, insomnia and neurasthenia.


2.5 g
3 × 50 × 100 cm

Green World

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