Chitosan Capsule: Detoxifier, Weight Loss And Regulate Body System


Chitosan Capsules are easy and effective for you to lose weight. They regulate your acid balance, increase insulin activity, control the endocrine system’s functions, and help with normal production of insulin.

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Green World Chitosan Plus Capsule

Chitosan is a polysaccharides found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans (shell of shrimps and crabs). Chitosan is called ” Sixth element of life”. The benefits of Chitosan capsule are great among which weight loss is one of the most organized benefits of the starch. It is also known to be beneficial to high blood pressure and Cholesterol, immunity improvement as wells ulcers and Osteoporosis.

Health Benefits Of Chitosan Capsule

  1. Chitosan helps reduce blood lipid and help weight loss
  2. It Reduces blood sugar.
  3. It also strengthens the function of liver, prevents liver against damage of toxins
  4. Promotes healing of gastric ulcer.

Suitable for :

  1. People who desire to lose weight,
  2. People with High blood Lipid and High blood Sugar,
  3. The people with Fatty Liver, Hepatitis or other liver disorder
  4. People with Gastric ulcer.

Recommended Use of Chitosan Capsule

  1. For those on weight control program.
  2. For those with elevated blood lipid and blood glucose.
  3. Those with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.
  4. For those with cancers.

Dosage and Usage Of Chitosan Capsule

  1. Each Capsule Contain 400 mg x 60 capsules
  2. 2 capsules each time, 2 times in a day.
  3. Take two hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products
  4. Drink adequate amount of water, otherwise, it will result in constipation.

Ingredients: Chitosan

Key Knowledge:

The benefits of Chitosan are great .weight loss is one of the most organized benefits of the starch.

Reduces Blood Lipid and Weight Loss:.

The electrical charges that chitosan carries may bind to the negative charge on bile acids and fat acids, resulting in the hypocholesterolemic (cholesterol lowering ) effects. Chitosan can  bind up to six times its weight in fat.

Chitosan does not work by making you feel less hungry. It works by actual fat pass through your body  instead of storing in the fat cells. Chitosan Capsule helps people to people to loss weight easily and absorbs nutrients effectively which distinguishes its self from other weight-losing products retain appetite or lead to diarrhea.

Reduces Blood Sugar:

Chitosan can regulate the acid based balance of human body, increase the activity of insulin, Regulate and balance endocrine system , help insulin secret normally and decrease blood sugar.

A Detoxifier that strengthens the function of the liver :

Chitosan may protect the liver against certain toxins, such mercury and dioxins.It has been proved that chitosan can prevent fatty liver, it increase activity of various enzymes, enhance livers bio transformation and function.

Anti-Ulcer effect:

Chitosan has the most potent gastric cytoprotective and ulcer healing-promoting actions.Chitosan may increase the mucus development in human stomach. It accelarates  the healing process of gastric ulcer.


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