Disinfectant: Kills Harmful Germs


Rida Disinfectant

This is a perfect way to keep your home tidy and safe from germs. RIDA Disinfectant can be used in any location that needs cleaning or disinfecting, such as homes, offices hotels hospitals etc., where it will protect against the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses with its quick action formula!


Rida Disinfectant

This is a perfect way to keep your home tidy as well as safe from germs. RIDA Disinfectant can be used generally in any location that needs cleaning likewise disinfection, as well as homes, also offices, similarly hotels and hospitals, etc. To clarify it will protect against the spread of harmful bacteria as well as viruses with its quick action formula!

Rida Disinfectant is a blend of natural and organic ingredients that protects families from various germs. It is a treatment for fungal and bacterial infections.

To be precise, as a matter of fact, this herbal blend protects families by preventing infections through multiple applications for bathing purposes (washing clothes) subsequently, first aid use on wounds caused due by accidents also injury, etc.

It is made up of natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective against various germs as well as bacteria. This is why the product can serve as an antiseptic, as well as disinfectant, or sanitizer for surfaces like floors, similarly toilets, also sinks, in the font of countertops, etc.

Undoubtedly by contrast the product has been over time, so therefore it is safe for use in homes with children and pets.

Benefits of Rida Disinfectant

  1. Highly effective against bacteria.
  2. Effective against tuberculocidal agents.
  3. Effective against viruses.
  4. Kills harmful substances in seconds.
  5. Has a pleasant smell.
  6. Evaporates without forming any residue.
  7. It is non-allergenic


  • 300mls

Suitable For

  • External use only

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions12 × 5 × 20 cm


Rida Bitters

Rida is a NAFDAC-approved range of herbal products from 100% natural ingredients with strong antioxidant properties. It treats a wide range of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, headaches, infections, and more.

We all know that antioxidants help keep your body healthy. Therefore, Antioxidants work by fighting the free radicals in your body. Free radicals are molecules that can damage cells and may cause cancer.

Rida Bitters is a supplement that can help you live healthy and vibrant each day. In other words, it does this by removing the oxidative stress in your body that comes from everyday activities. Oxidative Stress can be caused by things such as eating unhealthy, lack of sleep, or exercising too much.


  • Bitters have been in use for centuries to improve the immune system, they are anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic. Also, it can help to improve the body's response and help the body fight against a range of diseases including malaria and HIV.

    Furthermore, Rida Bitters is a natural beverage extract of various plants, roots, and bark. It is made by adding herbs and plant extracts to a dilute ethanol solution.


  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Attacks, Blood Pressure, Strokes, And Effective Management Of Some Types Of Cancer


  • In Treating A Wide Range Of Gastrointestinal Disorders Such As Cramping, Bloating & Constipation


  • Also, The Root And Bark Are Effective In Relieving Women With Cases Of Heavy Menstrual Flow


  • Treats Gonorrhea & Effective Against Strains Of Bacteria: Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli Etc


  • Rida Bitters Increases Male And Female Fertility. Serves As An Aphrodisiac, Increases In Libido And General Energy For Men.



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