Meal Replacement Therapy: Edmark MRT Complex (Vanilla Flavor)


Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy Vanilla flavour is a complete meal replacement therapy that helps you loose weight. It replaces your meal to help you stay fit and healthy!

This product contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins that are required for a low calorie diet.

It comes in three great flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry!


Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT): Lose weight, Stay Fit, and Feel Great!

Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy: MRT Complex (Vanilla Flavor) is a Meal Replacement Therapy that is a delicious, low calorie, and highly soluble nutritious drink. It is complete vitamins, proteins, and energy-releasing amino acids that replace your meal to help you lose weight safely.

Dieting will be made easier with Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT). With the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that promote healthy weight-loss cycles, you can keep your body fueled. This is done without sabotaging any progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

The aim of dieting is simple: eat less and exercise more. But it becomes much harder to maintain nutritional needs while losing weight!

Edmark MRT Complex is a delicious, low-calorie drink that replaces your meal. MRT is designed for those who want to embark on an effective and safe plan of weight loss without sacrificing taste or hunger pangs.

It comes in three great flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry!

Health Benefit Of Edmark MRT Complex

  • Burns and breaks up accumulated fats.
  • Each sachet replaces your meal with only 76 (kcal) calories.
  • Cleanses liver and kidney.
  • Good for both diabetic people.
  • Keeps energy level while losing weight.
  • Contains a high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It Taste Great & a Convenient way to lose weight.
  • It comes in three great flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry!

Direction for How To Prepare Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT)

  1. A box of Edmark MRT contains 28 sachets with each weighing 20g.
  2. Pour one sachet of MRT into your favorite drink, add 350ml cold water
  3. A Handful or two of ice cubes will be great if desired.
  4. Stir well to get the full flavor!
  5. The taste is great; it has an earthy flavor that you will find refreshing!

How To Use Edmark MRT Complex To Lose Weight in 2 Weeks.

  1. Eat Normal food once a day and take 4 MRT at different time intervals to replace your normal food.
  2. Take Breakfast (8 AM) 1 sachet of MRT Complex.
  3. Morning Break (11AM) 1 sachet of MRT Complex.
  4. Lunch (1.30 – 2 PM) Eat your normal food (Oil-free food. Don’t overeat)
  5. Afternoon Break (4.30 PM) 1 sachet of MRT Complex.
  6. Dinner (7 – 8PM) 1 Sachet of MRT Complex.
  7. Note
    1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. If hungry, take one more MRT or low-calorie fruit like cucumber, watermelon, or avocado pear. Avoid high-calorie fruits like pineapple and banana.
    2. It is advisable to detoxify with “Edmark Shake off Phyto Fiber” while using the MRT. Shake off should be used the last thing at night (before going to bed) to clean the colon while using the MRT to achieve a faster and better results.

Key Characteristics

Organic Formulation: This is Suitable for vegetarians. Excellent source of carbohydrates and protein.
Low Calorie: No cholesterol and low fat. Each sachet of the MRT Complex contains only 76kcal.
Balance Nutrition: Contains energy-releasing amino aids along with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C, E, and B Complex.


  • L-Carnitine, Lecithin, Isolated Soy Protein

Edmark Meal Replacement Therapy Beneficial For :

  • People who want to lose weight.
  • Vitamins, proteins, and energy-releasing amino acids that effectively give you a low-calorie and delicious meal with nutrients.
  • No side Effect

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