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What is BF Suma FemiCare Feminine Cleanser?

Maintaining appropriate feminine hygiene for the intimate area is one of the significant factors that play role in every aspect of female reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life.

BF Suma FemiCare Feminine Cleanser, containing natural essential oil from the plant and multiple vitamins is an important cleanser for women suffered from vaginal irritation or itching, vaginal dryness, unnatural vaginal odour.

Health Benefits of FemiCare Feminine Cleanse

  • Anti-bacteria: Inhibit the bacteria and prevent infection from harmful bacteria
  • Cleanse: Eliminate abnormal vaginal discharge, unpleasant odour and itchiness
  • Refreshing: Keep the vagina area clean and comfortable
  • Extra care: Reinforce the vagina’s resistance to infection

Why Choose BF Suma FemiCare Feminine Cleanser?

  • Extracted from the USA great salt lake
  • Rejuvenating mineral elements with ecological extraction techniques
  • Natural essential oil from the plant
  • Formulated with superior ingredients, BF Suma FemiCare Feminine Cleanser is natural, safe, and highly effective.
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BF Suma

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