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Fibroid Care Pack – (Easy Pack)

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This Package assist women of all ages to shrink fibroid without surgery

Fibroid Care Pack alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with fibroid, shrink and melt the fibroid and balance your hormones for conception to take place.

Greenlife Herbal treatment is also designed in aiding the removal fixed abdominal masses, painful Blood Stasis in the uterus; invigorates Blood. Related indications: Fibroid and other hard lumps in lower abdomen.

Fibroid Care Pack Is Put Together To:

  • Help in regulating excess estrogen which is the major cause of fibroid
  • Prevent the growth of tumors and help to shrink fibroids making the size of your fibroid smaller and smaller until it’s eliminated
  • Balance your progesterone levels and help control heavy bleeding and excessive periods
  • Help relax uterine cramping and regulate your menses
  • Help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with fibroids such as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), abdominal bloating, swelling, headache and mood swings
  • Help in the treatment and control of depression, anxiety, insomnia and hot flashes
  • Strengthen your body and increase your general resistance to daily stress
  • Support women experiencing heavy periods and decrease in number of red blood cells due to fibroids.
  • Increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and help build up your red blood cells
  • Prevent intestinal gas by prompting a release of hydrochloric acid, which aids in food digestion
  • Help to purify your blood by eliminating dangerous toxins your body must have accumulated
  • Support your immune system
  • Provide your body with a rainbow of nutrients to help support your overall health and well-being, as it contains photochemical, micronutrients, and protein as well as minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron

Package Details:

  1. 2 Bags of Mother Plus
  2. 2 Bottles of Red Peony
  3. 1 Camopill


Cash on Delivery Available

To place your order for Cash on delivery, send a SMS with the following info:

  1. Fibroid (easy Pack)
  2. Your full name and
  3. Delivery address
  4. Phone Number

Send the above info to: 08139156051

You will pay the delivery man when he bring the product to you.

You can call or WhatsApp our marketing line for any enquiries concerning Greenlife herbal products: +2348139156051

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