Foot Massager: Reduces Stress, Anxiety And Pains


Tasly Foot Massager

Tasly foot Massager gives you the benefit of a foot massage in the comfort of your home, without having to spend exorbitant money for professionals to massager your feet, with just as good a result.

  • Tasly Foot Massager aims to improve blood circulation and eases pain.
  • It can help lower blood pressure
  • Helps you get a night of better sleep.
  • Depression and anxiety are greatly reduced.
Tasly products

Tasly Foot Massager

With the Tasly foot massager, you can get a professional-quality spa treatment at home without having to spend hours on your feet. One of the benefits is that it’s also an affordable device, and won’t drain your wallet.

Massaging your body is great for your health, but some believe it might have even broader effects. For instance, massage has been shown to help relieve stress and increase feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins. As a result, people who get massages after surgery may have less pain and need fewer prescription painkillers.

Massaging has been around for centuries and most people turn to it for its benefits in terms of ease and relaxation. Most modern forms of massage are influenced by elements from many different disciplines, including shiatsu.

The act of massage is one of the oldest and most popular forms of relaxation. Massage has been used in various traditions to relieve stress, tension, and pain throughout history. Foot massage has long been a popular treatment for foot pain, especially in Asian culture.

Reflexology works by massaging pressure points on the feet to release pent-up physical tension and energy from other parts of the body.

Standard massages are usually with hands, but there is also a growing trend of using tools that can help to stimulate the right areas more precisely. In some cases, it may even be necessary for your masseuse to use a combination of both hands and sticks or rollers.

Tasly Foot Massager does such an amazing job in giving foot massages in the comfort of your home.

Foot Massager

Health Benefits Of Tasly Foot Massager:

  1. Tasly Foot Massager aims to improve blood circulation and eases pain.

  2. It can help lower blood pressure

  3. Helps you get a night of better sleep.

  4. Depression and anxiety reduce greatly.

  5. It helps foot injuries heal faster.

  6. Increases energy levels.

  7. Boost the immune system.

  8. Improves and increases one’s sex drive.

Dosage and Administration:

  • Can be used anytime you want.

  • No side effect


  • Vibration Massage: The massage dots located on the bottom of the container can fully stimulate your soles and acupoints.

  • Bubble / Ozone Massage: Bubbles and ozone can be generated from bubbles slot at the bottom: bubbles can impulse on feet and make soles relaxed; ozone has an effect on health care and sterilization etc.

  •  Auto heating and insulation.

  • Infrared ray control.

Suitable For:

  • For all ages

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 20 cm


Tasly Products

Tasly was founded in 2006 and is based in Rockville, Maryland. Moreover, they invest in and develop innovative oral liquid dosage forms of oligosaccharides. Tasly Products believes medicine should be accessible and should be a driver for positive changes in one's life. They work towards this vision by researching and developing newer medications and treatments.

Uniquely, Tasly's mission is “Dedicate to a Healthier World,” to provide an effective, safe, and high-quality plant-based alternative solution to the medical community and patients.

Tasly and Technology

By combining the ancient practice of TCM with digital technology and scientific advancements, they’re introducing Innovative Chinese medicine (ICM). Therefore, they believe will change lives and improve Western healthcare for millions of patients who suffer from pain and chronic conditions.

ICM focuses on the root cause of an ailment instead of just treating the diagnosis, which can lead to more thorough healing of the whole body, all without the adverse side effects that come with many types of prescription medications.

In addition, the quality of Tasly products is of the utmost importance to them, which has always emphasized investing in research and development as the core of its business.

In conclusion, the company continues to invest at least 10 percent of its profits back into research. The research areas include healthcare products, biomedicine, chemical medicine, and food and beverage.

Recs-Medix and Tasly Products

Rex-Medix is the No.1 Online supplement store in Nigeria. Also, we are known to be the Number One Distributor of Tasly Products in Nigeria.

Tasly provides customers with all of their effective and amazing products. Recs-Medix is proud to be Tasly’s affiliate. In fact, we offer a selection of their products for purchase.  Which include Bee Pollen Soap, A1 Capsule, Bitter Lemon Powder Capsule, De-Toxin Sheet, and lots more.

Therefore, there are many positive testimonials that provide you with the confidence to know that this product will improve your health.

Residents of Abuja and Lagos can order anything from our site and we will deliver it the same day.

Our deliveries to the United States, Canada, UK, and other international countries require 2-5 business days.

Shopping securely with confidence.

Tasly products


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