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A perfectly balanced blend of omega-3s

• Supports a healthy heart
• Supports optimal cognition
• Exclusive blend of omega-3s
• Pure source of EPA and DHA
• Gluten free

Advanced nutrition that puts the power of the sea in the palm of your hand. Forever Arctic Sea® features our exclusive blend of oils to provide you with a perfectly balanced omega-3 supplement.

Fish and calamari oils provide a perfect harmony of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids that your body may be lacking. While research shows omega-3s provide a wide array of nutritional benefits for humans, they are not produced naturally in our bodies. Food alone often isn’t enough to achieve the right balance of EPA and DHA, especially if seafood isn’t a regular part of your diet.

Forever Arctic Sea® puts the ideal proportion in an easy to take softgel with a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma. We sourced our omega-3s from not one, but four pure fish oils from cod, salmon, anchovy and sardine to harness the unique nutritional benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids support wellness in key areas of the body, including cardiovascular and immune function.

Research has also shown that DHA can support mood, emotional health and optimal cognition.

Give your body the nutrition that only the sea can provide with our ocean friendly and responsibly harvested formula.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Health Benefits of HealthGarde Omega plus Healthgarde Omega plus contains four oils: Omega-3, (fish oil), Omega-6 (derived from the plants Evening Primose and Borage, Omega-9(derived from Olive Oil) and Garlic Oil. These oils help regulate and normalise blood pressure. Other benefits :

    1) Helps to regulate and normalize blood pressure ( effective for hypertensive cases).

    2) Lower cholesterol.

    3) Relieves menstrual cramp.

    4) Relieves migraine headaches.

    5) Improves blood circulation, varicose veins, burning feet and prostrate problem.

    6). Helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis, wild spread pain in the joints, muscle and tendons.

    7) Beneficial for diabetic patient.

    8) Very effective in treating eczema and psoriasis.

    9) Increase resistance to Cold and Flu.

    10) Beneficial for Candida treatment.

    11) Beneficial for recovery from stroke.

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    Choleduz OMEGA Supreme For High Blood Pressure


    1. Greatly reduces bad cholesterol and helps decrease high blood pressure.
    2. Reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease and its complications.
    3. Support healthy eyes
    4. Improves brain’s cognitive function
    5. Ideal prenatal and nursing supplement for infant brain development and prevention of baby blues.

    Heart Benefits of Omega-3 EPA/DHA

    1. Heart platelet aggregation (stickiness)
    2. Improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart
    3. Lowers blood triglyceride levels (up to 20-40%)
    4. Lowers blood pressure by vasodilation and promotion of sodium excretion
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    Omega 3 (Fish Oils), Omega 6(Evening Primrose and Borage Oils), Omega 9(derived from olive oils), Garlic Oils.

    It helps to regulate and normalize blood pressure it reduces heart diseases it prevents pains due to arthritis and Rheumatism it good for diabetic patient it good for menstrual pain it prevent gout.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Helps to regulate and normalize blood pressure (effective for hypertensive cases).
    2. Lowers cholesterol.
    3. Relieves Menstrual Cramps.
    4. Relieves Migraine headaches.
    5. Improves blood circulation, varicose veins, burning feet, prostrate problems.
    6. Helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis, widespread pain in the joints, muscles and tendons, rheumatism, osteoporosis, and gout.
    7. Beneficial for diabetic patients.
    8. Very effective in treating Eczema and Psoriasis.
    9. Increases resistance to colds & flu.
    10. Beneficial for candida treatment.
    11. Beneficial for recovery from stroke.


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    The health benefits of fish oil include its ability to aid in the treatment of various heart diseases, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, AHDH, weakened immune system, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, IBD, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, eye disorders, macular degeneration and ulcers. It also helps aid weight loss, healthy pregnancy, fertility and skin care (particularly for conditions such as psoriasis and acne).

    Available in: Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel ( omega-3) (20)