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Forever Garlic-Thyme

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The dietary use of garlic and thyme has been traced back thousands of years. An Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500 BC listed 22 healthy uses for garlic. Today, we are starting to understand how they work.

Garlic and thyme, the two powerful antioxidants found in Forever Garlic-Thyme®, combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health. When garlic is cut or crushed, enzymes react to produce a powerful immune-enhancing agent.

Studies have shown that garlic’s other ingredients help the metabolism convert fats to energy and protect the body against free radicals. Thyme contains saponins and other beneficial antioxidant substances.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful antioxidant, Odorless, softgel capsule.
  • Helps protect the body against free radicals.
  • Helps support the conversion of fat to energy.
  • Helps prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Helps lower cholesterol.
  • Has the ability to lower blood pressure Boosts your metabolism
  • Increases appetite Helps in the treatment of diabetes and its complications.


  1. Helps clean excess fat deposits like cholesterol thereby reducing blood pressure.
  2. Good for diabetes. It lowers blood sugar as it frees up insulin to help metabolize glucose in the blood.
  3. It helps in infections such as cold, candida albicans , chest infections and throat infections.
  4. As an anti-oxidant, it boosts the immune (defensive) system.
  5. It helps counter diabetic eye.
  6. It is good for nerve problems.
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    Ingredients: Garlic Oil

    Characteristics and Benefits:

    1. Restrains and kills many kind of pathogenic microorganisms with its anti-microbial property;
    2. A blood thinner that lowers blood cholesterol level;
    3. Prevents atherosclerosis and heart diseases causesd by the same factor;
    4. Protects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems with its property of lowering blood pressure.

    Suitable for:

    • People with metabolic disease such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol.
    • People with chronic infectious diseases such as candidiasis