Magic Fry Pan: Fry without Oil and Non-Sticking Pan


Norland Titanium Magic Fry Pan is made from Titanium and helps to reduce cholesterol level in the body. You no longer need oil for frying and it is most suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, perfect for anyone looking to lose weight or cut out calories and fat in their diet.

  • It Helps reduces the chances of cancer growth.
  • Cook or fry Without Using Oil
  • Reduce excess oil consumed from cooked food.
  • Cut down expenses on oil by 80%.

Norland Premium Titanium Non-Sticking Magic Fry Pan

The Norland Magic Fry Pan is made from Titanium which is safe for humans. It helps you to reduce your cholesterol level as you no longer need oil for frying and it is most suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

The Norland Titanium Magic Fry Pan: a frying pan that never needs oil! This style of the fryer is made from titanium steel, which does not need to be coated with Teflon like other pans. It’s perfect for anyone looking to lose weight or cut out calories and fat in their diet- especially those who have already lost some pounds but still want the taste of fried food without all the guilt.

Health-conscious persons always need to worry about fat intake, especially when it comes to fried foods. Lucky for you there is a way around this problem; with Norland Premium Titanium Non-Sticking Pan you can still fry anything without oil! Never be afraid of those greasy French fries or doughnuts again because now they are possible and healthy too!

Norland Magic Fry Pan

Health Benefits Norland Magic Fry Pan

  1. It Helps reduces the chances of cancer growth.
  2. Cook or fry Without Using Oil
  3. Reduce excess oil consumed from cooked food.
  4. Cut down expenses on oil by 80%.
  5. Helps preserve food nutrients.
  6. Retains the natural flavor of your food.
  7. Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  8. Reduces the chances of growth of cancer.
  9. It extracts the oil from foods and fries it.
  10. It inhibits flaming: and reduces irritation and harm to the skin.
  11. The non-stick dedicated frypan doesn’t burn even when cooking for the first time.
  12. Approved by W.H.O


Feature of Norland Magic Fry Pan

  • 2500 Ton Forged Aluminum Construction: Norland Titanium Magic Fry Pan forged aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. As well as, multiple health-safe coatings. This makes it denser and more solid than general casting frying pans and provides excellent smoothness.
  • 5 Layers of Titanium coating, Best known NON-STICK cooking surface: Strong Titanium 5 layers coating ensures strength and hardness to resist scratch, abrasion, corrosion, and sticking. The ‘non-stick’ function prevents food from sticking to the surface and provides easy cleaning.
  • Protective Porcelain Anti-Scratch, Anti-Stain Outer Coating: Eco-friendly Porcelain triple coating is applied to make the Norland Magic Frying Pan strong against exterior scratches and peels.
  • 4 times more heat conductive than most cookware: It has the best heat conductivity (5 times more than copper, 140 times more than stainless steel) and is not harmful to the human body.
  • PFOA Free: No environmentally harmful substance was found. Its coating is non-toxic.
  • Other cool features:
    • Ergonomic bakelite handle and flame guard
    • Quarter inches thick yet lightweight aluminum construction.
    • Extra durability & strength.
    • Heat source ready: electric hob, Vitro ceramic, gas hob.
    • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended

How Does Norland Magic Frying Pan (Fry without oil)?

Norland magic frying pan, fries without oil. (Frying fish, Chicken, chips, and anything friable without oil). Basically, almost everything we eat contains traces or some good amount of fat and oil.

But mostly, we have been “frying oil in oil” and our bodies suffer. The technology behind this lovely product is such that allows for the oil content in the food to be extracted and used to fry the same food.

Using this wonderful cookware, you can be doubly sure you do not need any oil at all. So, besides economic value, it’s very suitable for the elderly, diabetic patients, people who just want to keep in good shape, in fact, just anybody.

It also has a bake-lite handle and flame guard, which prevents your hands from burning.
You can cook that food with minimal time and be sure the nutrients in your food are still intact. Foods remain moist and even vegetables retain texture. Food doesn’t easily get dried, overcooked, or burnt. It thus reduces the chances of growth of cancer cells and reduces cholesterol.


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 cm



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