Gaurapad Aloe Vera: Arthritis pain, hydrates the skin and Anti-cancer cells


This is known as queen of all herbs, and it helps eases arthritis pain, speeds up recovery from injury or physical exertion, clears abnormal cells, hydrates the skin and accelerate tissue. It also slows down the growth of cancer cells.

Gaurapad products

Gaurapad Aloe Vera is the queen of all herbs. The Aloe Vera has a variety of uses and benefits. It smoothie to help with arthritis pain, injury recovery time, and slowing cancer growth.

For topical use it is often used for hydrating skin cells due to its ability to hydrate dry patches on your skin. Such include eczema or psoriasis because when applied topically these areas will absorb more water from the aloes.

This helps bring relief symptoms associated with those conditions. It is an organic product that helps heal and protect the skin from sunburns and other irritations.

Benefit of Gaurapad Aloe Vera

  • Easing inflammation and soothing arthritis pain
  • Speeding recovery from injury or physical exertion
  • Hydrating the skin and accelerating skin repair
  • Slowing the growth of cancer cells.


Gaurapad products

Gaurapad products patches are unique in that they deliver medicinal remedies directly through the skin, providing a steady dose of nutrients over a period of 24hour.
Gaurapad products
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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