GNLD Tre-en-en

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  • It assists in nudging a critical nutrient gap caused by our modern processed foods methods
  • Daily use ensures that your cell membranes can function optimally, in turn supporting the cell’s ability to receive nutrients utilized them, and export important metabolites and eliminates cellular waste
  • It renews energy and vitality
  • It reduces illness
  • It enables better use of available nutrients
  • It increases appetites
  • Very active when you feel very tired

Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates is a unique and exclusive blend of whole food concentrates extracted from foods that make up our daily staples. Each capsule provides the complete photo-LIPIDS – such as Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, Tre-en-en also contains the phytosterols beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stigmasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol, which is a closely related component.

Tre-en-en food supplement also provides the complete profile of 150 mg Wheat Germ Oil, 300 mg Rice Bran Oil, 225 mg Soya Bean Oil that helps to reduce a chronic fatigue. It comes in 60 and 120 capsules for your use.



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