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Goji Oral Liquid 4000mg (Natures Secret Of Youth, Vitality & Longevity)

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Product Function:

Goji and honey are valuable Chinese herbal medicine, this product has not only the traditional healthcare value from honey but also the essence from Goji, with the functions of nourishing the kidney and strengthen the essence, nourish the liver to improve visual acuity and moistening lung to arrest a cough.

Product  active ingredients and efficacy:  


Goji is known as an important herb in China, it contains lyceum barbarum polysaccharide, glycine betaine and Goji color that help cure human disease.

Lyceum barbarum polysaccharide: It is a water-soluble polysaccharide that promote immunity, anti-aging, anti-tumor, scavenging free radicals, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, protect liver, and improve reproductive function and so on.

Glycine betaine: It is one of natural betaine, it has an anti-fatty liver function.

Goji color: Many studies have shown that it can improve immune function, prevent cancer and atherosclerosis.


Honey is a natural food and one of the most common topics. Based on the analysis, it contains various kinds of inorganic salt, vitamins, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and various kinds of organic acid and microelements, fructose, glucose, amylase, oxidase, reductase and so on. It has nourish skin, detoxification, whitening beauty, relax bower functions.

For people:

1. Children and adolescents

2. Normal anemia

3. Postpartum new mother

4. Pregnancy

5. A woman who wants to keep beautiful

6. Sub-healthy group

7. People with insomnia

8. People just recover from illness

Take orally twice per day in morning and evening. Suggest taking one hour before meals.

10ml/vial *10vials/box


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