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Yeekong GoodMan capsule

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Key Features

  1. Goodman Enhance sexual function,
  2. Relieve sexual dysfunctional.
  3. Relieving fatigue and anti-aging
  4. Takes care of prostate gland.
  5. Replenish kidney Energy.
  6. Relieve impotence.
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Yeekong Herb

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  • Okafor Stanley chryz
    Okafor Stanley chryz

    Does it mean if a man does not want to have sex,should not take the capsule?Does it mean the supplement cannot improve the quality of sperm in terms of count rate,morphology and thickness etc. Does it mean Yeekong Goodman cannot do this except just enhancing sex?

    • Recs-Medix

      You can take it even if you are not ready for sex.
      It also improve sperm quality. It does all

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    Vigo Capsule is a 100% herbal product based on a secret formula from China. The pure natural formula will improve sexual potency, enhance one’s energy and endurance level.

    Function & Indications:

    • To reinforce the vital energy,
    • strengthen sexual function.
    • Use for Sexual weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation
    • For those who just wish to improve their sexual performance.

    Active Ingredients: (Each Capsule) Asian Red Ginseng – 225mg Cervi Pantotrichum – 25mg Epimedium Leaf Extract – 100mg Syzyium Aromaticum – 50mg


    For adult males only.

    Prohibited from people with severe Hypertension & Heart diseases

    Administration and dosage:

    Take it orally with water. Two capsules each time, two hours before sex. Once a day or when necessary.

    Specification: 375 mg per capsule, 16 capsules per bottle.

    Storage: keep in cool, dark and dry place