Green World Herbs Toothpaste: All in One Total Dental Care


The Green world Herbs toothpaste is the perfect paste that has been formulated to prevent tooth decay and whitens your teeth at the same time.

It gives you fresher breathe that is long lasting and sparkling teeth. Prevents tooth decay, whitens the teeth, gives fresher breathe and Cures mouth odor.

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Green World Herbs Toothpaste

Green World Herbs Toothpaste provides all-in-one dental care, freshens breath, Strengthens the teeth, Prevents dental caries, whitens teeth, prevents and heals aphthous ulcers.

Toothpaste is a necessary item for anyone who wants to have their teeth and gums stay healthy. Toothpaste contains abrasive substances that will remove any food or plaque from your teeth. It also contain ingredients like fluoride which promote tooth health by preventing cavities and gum disease.

It activates blood platelets, promotes platelet aggression and restrains bleeding quickly. In addition the toothpaste promotes the generation of basic fibroblast growth factors and vascular endothelial growth factors.

Green World Herbs Toothpaste helps to accelerate blood capillary growth and connective tissue proliferation. It help healing the bleeding wound surface thus preventing further pathological changes. You can use it perfectly without wounding the gums, it provides deep and full cleaning of teeth.

Health Benefit of Green World Herbs Toothpaste

Green World Herbs toothpaste is not like other brands. It doesn’t have any chemicals or toxic ingredients, so everyone can use it- from children to adults!

  1. Freshens Breath, Strengthens The Teeth and restrain Bleeding.
  2. Prevents And Heals Aphthous Ulcers.
  3. The Product Provides All-in-one Dental Care.
  4. Refreshes Your Breath And Whiten Your Teeth.
  5. Activate blood platelet, promote platelet aggregation, and restrain bleeding quickly.
  6. Promote the generation of basic fibroblast growth factors and vascular endothelial growth factors.
  7. Accelerate blood capillary growth and connective tissue proliferation.
  8. Heal the bleeding wound surface thus prevent further pathological changes.
  9. Improve the phagocytosis significantly and enhance the anti-pathogens capability of oral tissues.
  10. Counteract inflammations caused by multiple inflammatory agents significantly and alleviate swelling and fester caused by inflammatory exudation.
  11. Improve micro-circulation of blood capillary significantly.

Herbs Toothpaste Ingredients

The Herbal Toothpaste ingredients comprises of: Particole Sorbitol, Water, Silica, Sodium Laurite Sulfate, Fiber, Silica Particles, Xylitol, Mint, Honeysuckle, Radix Isatidis, Sodium Saccharin, Trisodium Fostat, Ci 42 090, Sodium Benzoate.

How To Use Green World Herbs Toothpaste

This toothpaste is perfect for everyone, from children to adults. It’s made with all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals such as fluoride which can be quite damaging in the long-run.

  1. Use this Herbs Fluoride To Brush Your Teeth 2-3 Times A Day
  2. Brush for 1 To 3 Minutes At A Time.
  3. If there is Injury In The Oral Cavity, you can rinse it with this herbs toothpaste for about 2 to 3 Minutes.
  4. For Children, use a peanut size on the brush

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 5 × 5 cm


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