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Greenlife Phone Anti-Radiation

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Phone Anti-Radiation

Phone devices emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer, considerably higher susceptibility to infections, diarrhea, skin peels, sterility. If the radiations continuous the person will die. There will also be hemorrhagging. The Central nervous system becomes severely damaged. The person is not expected to survive.

Experts say that approximately 50% of humans exposed to 450 rems will die, and 800 rems will kill virtually anyone. Death is inevitable and will occur from between two days to a couple of weeks.

Those who do survive higher phone radiation does have a considerably higher risk of developing some cancers, such as lung cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and cancer of several organs.

Users, especially children, adult and pregnant women, should use anti radiation on all of there phones.

Prevention is better than cure.

You can stick it on cell phones, mp3, computer and wherever you like.

Protect your ears. brain & body against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and heating with RadiSafe.
Reduce 80% of your mobile’s heat radiation
Shields over 99.95% of radiation emitted from your mobile phone.


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