Healthy You Kids: Children Immunity and Intelligent


Premium multivitamins Formula with DHA. Supports your child’s immunity and intelligence. This chewable multivitamin supplement is made for children from 4-12 years of age.

Children Immunity and intelligent. Healthy You Kids formula from Nature’s Field provides the essential vitamins and minerals that boost children immunity and intelligence for healthy growth. This multivitamin contains Docosahexaenoic acid, (DHA) to support healthy vision. it also helps mental development in children. Children get adequate amounts of nutrients from balanced diets, but children who take poor diets need dietary supplements. Your child requires a specific amount of every vitamin and mineral for good health. Healthy You Kids formula contains DHA, magnesium and Vitamin D. Nature’s Field understands that your child needs nutrients that help build bones and promote brain development at the developmental stage of life.

Why your Children need Healthy You Kids from Nature’s Field  

Healthy You Kids Formula helps boost your kid’s intelligence and immunity. It helps to promote healthy growth in children. It is formulated for;
-Children who follow vegetarian or vegan diets.
-Picky eaters and finicky eaters who are not eating enough food.
-Kids who are not eating regular fresh whole foods.
-Malnourished children or those with nutrient absorption problems.
-Kids eating a lot of junks, and processed foods.
-Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas as carbonated sodas leach nutrients from their bodies.
-Children with chronic medical conditions such as asthma.
-Kids that have digestive problems.
– Convalescence from malaria, typhoid, etc.

Healthy You Kids Formula Nutritional Profile

This supplement contains Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants,  Multi-enzymes, Fruits & vegetable extracts, herbal extracts, and amino acids.  Children Immunity and intelligent. These blend of nutrients is scientifically formulated to promote;
Muscle, Joint & Bone Health: Magnesium. Folic acid, Vitamin D
Energy: Vitamin B Complex
Eye Health: Vitamins C, A, E and DHA
Immune Defence: Vitamins C, A, & D
Healthy Hair & Skin: Biotin and Vitamin C
Brain Development: DHA

Your kids are the most valuable resources in your life. Grow them strong and intelligent. This dietary supplement will boost the immunity and intelligence of your child. Healthy You Kids is a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients in one convenient tablet. It is designed to meet the unique needs of your child. It is the best children’s immunity supplements and it is chewable. This delicious tasting multivitamin supplement is made for children from 4-12 years of age. Nature’s Field Healthy You Kids children are smart children!



Nature’sField offers high quality natural supplements formulated by a team of experts including doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, scientists and laboratory technicians in the United States of America. In Nature’sField we are committed to offering quality natural supplements that truly work towards alleviating your health concerns so you can achieve better health devoid of the sickness, pain and suffering you may be experiencing.
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