Immune Defence by 60 caps: Protects Body From Infections


Nature’s Field Immune Defence is a comprehensive formula designed to help create a well balanced immune system response that helps your body ward off different diseases. Your immune system protects your body from infections.


Nature’s Field Immune Defence is a herbal formula that creates a balanced immune response to help ward off diseases and protects your body from infections. The immune response is how your body recognizes and defends itself against bacteria, viruses, and substances that appear foreign and harmful. A healthy immune function defends your body and supports robust health.  Your immune system protects your body from infections. However, a weak body immune defense can make you prone to frequent infections.

Why you need Nature’s Field Immune Defence 

Many immunodeficiency disorders like HIV, cancer, malnutrition, viral hepatitis can weaken your immune defense and cause you to become immunocompromised.  If the disorder is severe, it can cause you to experience frequent infections throughout your life. Symptoms of a weak immune system include autoimmune disorders, inflammation of the internal organs, blood disorders or abnormalities, such as anemia, digestive issues, including loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, frequent malaria, and typhoid. The herbal extracts used in Immune Defence have the ability to improve the immune defense and to maintain optimal well being. It provides a comprehensive immune defense defense support and helps maintain a strong vital immune system. You need Nature’s Field Immune Defence if you experience frequent malaria and typhoid.

How Nature’s Field Immune Defence works

Larh Arabinogalactan: It boosts the immune system and prevent cancer cells in the liver from growing. It is an adjunct herb for cancer treatment. It fights infections and helps lower cholesterol.
Whey Protein Isolate: It helps to reduce weight loss in people with HIV and psoriasis symptoms.
Elderberry Fruit Extract: It affects the immune system through its action against viruses including the flu.
Lemon Balm Extract: Lemon balm has an aromatherapeutic effect on Alzheimer’s disease. It also reduces the growth of some viruses.
Dimethyl Glycine HCL: Dimethyl Glycine helps improve the way your body’s immune system works.
Maitake Mushroom Root Extract: Maitake mushroom actives help fight tumors, and stimulate the immune system. It is also an adjunct herb for cancer treatment.
Eleuthero Root Extract: Also known Siberian ginseng, is a natural immune defense booster and a general stimulant.

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Nature’s Field Products

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