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Kedi Golden Hypha

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TREATMENTS Hepatitis (Chronic) – A syndrome that is defined clinically by evidence of liver disease for at least six consecutive months.

Cancer – Any malignant tumor, including carcinoma and sarcoma. It arises from the abnormal and uncontrolled division of cells that then invade and destroy the surrounding tissues. Spread of cancer cells may occur via the bloodstream or the lymphatic channels or across body cavities such as the pleural and peritoneal spaces, thus setting up secondary tumors at sites distant from the original tumor. e.g include – Breast cancer, mostly common in women ; Prostrate cancer ; lung cancer etc.

Golden hypha also profers treatment for – Liver Problem, Dermatitis and Poor Immune System.

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Kedi Health Care

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    Suitable for:聽People who intend to boost immunity 路 People who have benign or malignant tumor 路 People who complete chemotherapy or radiotherapy 路 People during rehabilitation 路 People with lowered white blood cells due to infection of HIV or AIDS 路 People with chronic fatigue or intend to boost stamina

    Available in:聽Ginseng RHS Capsule