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Main Ingredients:

Rehmannia Root Tree Peony Bark, Common Yam Rhizome, Common Macrocarpium Fruit Oriental, Waterplantain, Rhizome Indian Buead.

Golden six is among the most regarded ancient Chinese herbal formula. Today, it is widely used to nourish yin of the yin yang principles and is the foundation of many other Chinese medicines.

In traditional Chinese medicine , Yin is the womanish and negative principle of Yin-Yang whereas Yang is the mannish and positive principle. A robust interaction and balance of Yin- Yang forms the basis of a good health.

A diminished Yin can be shown as sweat, low fever, dizziness, tinnitus, emission, and soreness in the lower back etc. Yin weakness occurs with age, sexuality or chronic diseases. * to remove any blockages in the fallopian tubes * detoxify and destroy any tumour in the womb.

Health Benefits

  1. It relieves back pain caused by the kidney Yin deficiency.
  2. It relieves type Il diabetes.
  3. It relieves stroke sequela: by releasing such syndrome as language barrier, deflection of mouth etc It takes care of fatigue which could be caused by work stress and pressure.
  4. It Boost Immune system. It protects against accelerated aging.
  5. It helps to lower blood sugar, lower blood fat. Lower blood pressure.
  6. Smoothens the nerves, and improve the functions of the Kidney.
  7. Female Infertility Rheumatism Stroke Back pain due to kidney problem.
  8. It relieves Menstrual Cramp Arthritis
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    Characteristics and Benefits:

    1. Prevents the decline of ovary’s function;
    2. Reduces the loss of bone density; prevent osteoporosis, especially during and after menopause;
    3. Prevents breast cancer;
    4. Prevents arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases;
    5. Improves mental activities; strengthens memory and prevents dementia;
    6. Retards aging; nourishes skin and makes skin smooth, soft and elastic.

    Suitable for:

    • Females with pre-menstruate tension
    • Females with post menopausal syndrome
    • Females with unbalanced female hormones, especially declined estrogens
    • Females with lower bone density or osteoporosis
    • Females with infertility caused by low estrogen level
    • Females with poor-quality sleep, insomnia or anxiety
    • Females who intend to improve their sexuality