Kedi Qinghao – Effective Anti Malaria Capsules


Key Features

  • For treatment of all forms of malaria.
  • Kills plasmosium
  • Stop the growth of plasmodium
  • Treatment of all forms of malaria, especially for treatment of plasmodium falciparium malaria and multi-drug resistant malaria.
  • Deworming
kedi healthcare

Kedi Qinghao is an awarding winning product, just the right product to combat malaria and any type of fever.

If you looking for a product with no side effect with 100% efficacy, qinghao is just the product for Anti Malaria. For the treatment of all forms of Malaria parasite especially the Multi Drug Resistance Malaria.

Artemisinin has a strong effect in killing plasmodium in erythrocytes so as to control malaria outbreak and symptoms rapidly.

The parasite died rapidly due to losing most of the nutrition and cytoplasm without supplement.200mg x 10


Kedi Healthcare

KEDI HEALTHCARE —A world-class provider of healthcare products. Discover the uniqueness of KEDI® products here. Think of any ailment or prevention… these are Traditional Chinese Medicines
kedi healthcare
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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