Kleanvein Oral Liquid

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Key Features

  • For the prevention of high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • For various cardiovascular disease.
  • Ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • arteriosclerosis
  • cerebral thrombosis
  • cerebral ischemia

Product Function:

For the prevention of high blood pressure and cholesterol and various cardiovascular disease. Six courses of treatment, the heart and brain may recover simultaneously.

How to use it:

10ml/bottle, 10bottles/box, take two vials daily, six boxes for one treatment course.

After 1-2 treatment courses, symptoms of chest distress, short breath, heart palpitate etc disappeared basically. Attacks of heart angina, as well as the ongoing duration, reduce greatly, the symptoms of apoplexy, paralysis, cerebral thrombosis began to improve.

3-4 treatment courses, the symptom of angina will disappear; the rhythm of the heart will get to a normal level and work normally. It can keep the walls of the blood vessels smooth and elastical. Hemiplegy, anesthesia, and inarticulacy can be improved basically.

5-6 treatment courses, various symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases will disappear completely. Free from heart brace and bypass, so as to help patients relieve from sickbed and wheelchair without taking medicine any more, after taking the product, patients with moderate and worst degrees cerebral thrombosis and apoplexy can speak continuously, pronounce clearly. Cardiovascular and brain diseases will recover completely.

Product Active Ingredients and Efficacy:

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae: It appears to thin the blood by preventing platelet and blood clotting. It also causes blood vessels to widen, and this can improve circulation.

Rhizoma Ligusticum Chuanxiong: It is a Chinese herb. Promoting blood circulation and flow of Qi, dispelling wind and relieving pain.

Radix Puerariae: It contains 12% of the flavonoid, such as puerarin, soybeans flavone glycosides, and has protein, amino acid, sugar and contains iron, calcium, copper, selenium and other materials phosphorus, iron and other minerals that are essential to the body. It is good for both young and old herb. As the “Millennium Ginseng” reputation. This study shows if you use it for a long time, it may adjust the functions of the human body, provide the body and anti-aging. And Pueraria root flavones has prevented cancer and against cancer.

For people:

Ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral ischemia, coronary disease, and angina.


Orally, one vial each time, twice per day.


10ml/vial x 10 vials/box

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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