Pi Cup: The Best Alkaline Cup For Longer Life


Longrich Pi Cup

  1. Controls the water pH value and keeping it in range of mild alkaline.
  2. Helps maintain a balanced pH in the body.
  3. Improves water quality and promotes metabolism.
  4. Delivers more active hydrogen to the body and eliminates excess free radicals.
  5. Enhances immunity and anti-aging.
  6. Eliminates residual chlorine from water.
  7. Helps reduce Cholesterol in the body.
  8. Improves digestion and increases energy.

Longrich Pi Cup

Longrich Pi Cup: Water is the source of life and people’s demand for water is second only to oxygen. Water in the body can improve digestion, metabolism, and blood circulation, balance body temperature, transform nutrients, nourish cells and excrete waste. Longrich Pi Cup is zinc and oxygen-rich.

As essential as water is for our survival and health, Adults can lose up to 10 liters of water per day, which is equivalent to about 2-3 gallons. Drinking enough water helps maintain the balance of fluids in the body.

Water also helps athletes perform their best during workouts and competitions by keeping muscles from becoming too stiff or tight. Its quality is equivalent to that of life. What we consume daily contributes majorly to the different kinds of diseases that we contract.

What we consume helps in creating an atmosphere that allows different kinds of diseases to thrive. They do this by creating an acidic environment which is very critical to the survival of those agents that cause us diseases. One of the ways to reverse this acidic atmosphere is to introduce an alkaline environment.

Furthermore, This new-ultra Mordern Alkaline (PI) Cup completely removes all forms of the acidic water content that we drink and presents us with completely alkaline-free water. Additionally, the Alkaline pi cup has a unique Tourmaline Stone component, his is a miracle stone, whose major function is in the detoxification of the body.

Longrich Pi Cup

Benefits Of Drinking Water From Longrich Pi Cup

  • Eliminate excess free radicals within the body.
  • The Pi-Cup naturally increases zinc and oxygen content in water.
  • Enhance oxidation resistance and delay the aging process.
  • Eliminates chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and other heavy metals found in water.
  • Enhance immunity, prevent diseases, and protect the liver.
  • It clears tipsiness and drunkenness, no matter how much you drink
  • It clears smoke and prevents cancer

Usage/How To Use Longrich Pi Cup

  • Put hot water not boiled into the cup.
  • Fill to the mark where the cover touches the water and leave for 30mins.
  • After 30mins Shake the water in the pi cup rigorously for 3mins and pour it out.
  • Repeat step 2 up to 3 or 4 times until the water becomes clear and not cloudy.
  • After this repeated step, pour warm water into the pi cup and leave for 5mins.
  • Pour out a little water from the cup and test with your water tester

Servicing of Longrich Pi Cup.


  • Put 20% vinegar into the pi cup and add 80% room temperature water to the cup.
  • Cover the cup with the cover but DON’T CLOSE IT TIGHT SO IT WILL NOT LOCK leave it for 30mins
  • After 30mins, pour out the vinegar, water, rinse the cup with warm water twice, and put it under the sun with the cover upside down for 1 hour. After then the cup is ready for use again.

Suitable for

  • Adults and Children.


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 12 × 18 cm



Longrich International

Longrich International is so far China’s largest and most technologically advanced biotechnology company. They specialize in the production of daily chemicals, healthcare products, and more. They have been operating in China since 2009 and now export their goods to many other countries.

Longrich International is a Chinese company that dedicates to providing a healthy and beautiful lifestyle to all the families around the world. They produce toiletries, beauty products, and household products for consumers. In recent years, Longrich has been expanding its product ranges which include organic skincare, natural cosmetics, organic pet foods, and many more.

They constantly improve the technological content, the quality, and added value of products dedicated to global consumers. They also speed up their comprehensive promotion of brands.

In conclusion, Longrich International set its sights on providing everyone with the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment. They also help build successful businesses by coming up with innovative products that make life easier, healthier, and more beautiful.

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