Massage Gun: It Utilizes Powerful Vibration Technology To Help Relax Muscles


MASSAGE GUN Stimulating nerve receptors have the effect of vasodilation in the skin and muscles, improving agility & flexibility. It decreases stress & anxiety levels.

Massage Gun

GHT Massage Gun can be beneficial for relaxation and recuperation post-exercise. Its deep tissue massage system helps to stimulate blood flow, reduce lactic acid accumulation and relieve DOMs in the muscles.

GHT Gun shape massager is a revolutionary way to help your body recover after exercise. It utilizes powerful vibration technology to help relax muscles, boosts post-workout muscle recovery, and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs).

This massage gun helps improve blood flow to the soft tissues, reducing lactic acid buildup. With its ergonomically designed handle and adjustable speed settings, it’s easy to use and comfortable for long sessions. Get ready for a better workout experience and faster healing with the GHT Gun shape massager!

Roffie Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun *Electric Massager* RM10 | eBay

Health Benefits Of GHT Massage Gun

  1. Massage is a natural way to combat stress, reducing tension in your muscles & promoting increased metabolism for better overall health. It can help relax your body and mind by relieving built-up stress within the body.

  2. Boosting blood and lymphatic circulation helps to get more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the muscles, resulting in better performance.

  3. Triggering muscle activation through specific movements can help stimulate the healing process & increase flexibility. This technique helps restore atrophied muscles, allowing for faster recovery.

  4. Intense physical activity can cause lactic acid to accumulate in the body and releases it so that you can keep going.

  5. Stimulating nerve receptors has the effect of vasodilation in the skin and muscles, improving agility & flexibility.

  6. Deep tissue massage can help break down tough scar tissues and ease up the pain, as well as reduce constriction. It works by massaging the collagen fibers that form scar tissue, bringing relief from discomfort.

  7. Increasing your joint flexibility and minimizing the chances of strains and sprains, the range of motion can be enhanced with regular use.

  8. Utilizing a Theragun on a regular basis has many benefits to your overall well-being. It can promote better sleep, strengthen your immune system, and decrease stress & anxiety levels.

How To Use 

  • Kindly check product packaging for precise instructions and a guide for usage and Maintainance.

Precaution/Side Effect

  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • No side effects.


  • 1 unit.


  • Recommendable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Suitable for

  • Adults and middle-aged.

 Not suitable for

  • Children under the age of 15 and pregnant women shouldn’t use it.


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Weight5 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 10 cm


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