Mengqian – Female Fertility Supplement


Mengqian – Female Fertility Supplement

Perfect for correcting and treating fertility problems in women.


  1. Improving look (removes Chloasma) and posting Senility.
  2. Effective in treating skin disease and Arthritis.
  3. Effective in the treatment of Epilepsy and Paralysis.
  4. Effective in the treatment of Down Syndrome.
  5. Corrects Hormonal changes caused by Liver Disease or use of oral contraceptives.
  6. It Provides Amino Acids, Mucopoly Saccharides, VITB and an array of minerals which include Calcium, Cinc
  7. Iron, Strontium, Copper, Senelium, Silicon and Titanium.
  8. It regulates melanin production which helps clear patches and lightens uneven skin tone.
  9. Helps to reduce pimples to promote healthy complexion.
  10. Cools the liver, improving well being and energy.
  11. Detoxify the system, clean and clear the skin and make woman look younger (anti -aging).
  12. Reduces stress from mind, treats sore throat,
  13. Adjusts nerve system, regulates metabolism.
  14. Improves eye sight and treats Insomnia.


Longrich BioScience

Longrich BioScience Health Through Harmony of Science & Nature is a leading Chinese company in the Cosmetic Industry with more than 1,000 products indifferent.
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 10 cm



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