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Greenlife Mother Plus Tea

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Greenlife Mother Plus Tea – Fibroid, After Child-Birth Miscarriage Mother Plus Tea—After-Birth healthcare

NAFDAC No.: A7-0368L Approved by NAFDAC, Chinese ministry of health and American FDA

Active Ingredients: Herba Leonuri extract, Brown Sugar

  • Mother Plus is well known for its benefits to women who just had a child- birth or miscarriage.
  • It helps to promote menstrual blood flow and clear blood clots for menstrual disorder after childbirth.
  • It has been used to correct delayed periods.
  • Due to antispasmodic effects, Mother Plus also helps to restore uterine muscle tone after child-birth or miscarriage.
  • It is also useful for relieving both the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.
  • Balances the hormones Helps to relieve menopausal syndrome and correct early and premature menopause
  • Clears the uterine channels and blocked tubes.
  • Clears blood clots after menstrual period and child birth or miscarriage


  1. For women who is weak because of child-birth or miscarriage.
  2. Typical symptoms are menstrual disorder, fatigue, weak uterine and vagina muscle, mental disorder and irregular heart beat.

Administration & dosage:

Oral use only, 15.0g (2 tablespoon) mixed with water to drink. Twice daily.


Don’t use when pregnant. Specification: 15g by 1o sachets / pack. Storage: keep in cool, dark & dry place

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Green Life Herbal

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    Characteristics and Benefits:

    1. Prevents the decline of ovary’s function;
    2. Reduces the loss of bone density; prevent osteoporosis, especially during and after menopause;
    3. Prevents breast cancer;
    4. Prevents arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases;
    5. Improves mental activities; strengthens memory and prevents dementia;
    6. Retards aging; nourishes skin and makes skin smooth, soft and elastic.

    Suitable for:

    • Females with pre-menstruate tension
    • Females with post menopausal syndrome
    • Females with unbalanced female hormones, especially declined estrogens
    • Females with lower bone density or osteoporosis
    • Females with infertility caused by low estrogen level
    • Females with poor-quality sleep, insomnia or anxiety
    • Females who intend to improve their sexuality