MotilityBoost For Men: Formulated To Positively Impact Sperm Motility.


Motility Boost from Fairhaven Health is a nutritional supplement to help enhance fertility in men that have been diagnosed with asthenospermia or low sperm motility. It gives an extra boost for men looking to support healthy sperm motility.

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MotilityBoost For Men

MotilityBoost For Men is from Fairhaven Health. It is a nutritional supplement to help enhance fertility in men that have been diagnosed with low sperm motility.

  • This a term to describe the way in which the sperm moves towards the egg.
  • In order for the sperm to move forward through the vagina, cervix and reach the fallopian tubes, the sperm must actively move forward.
  • When judging a sperm motility fertility experts will measure sperm movement and if the percentage is more than 50% then this is a good result.
  • When determining male fertility, sperm motility is an important factor and men with a low rate may be the contributing factor for couples have difficulty conceiving.
  • There are many factors for low motility including being too hot, too much intercourse as prolonged activity will naturally lower motility, diet, vitamin and mineral deficiency and stress. That why motilityBoost is important
Give Your Sperm the Boost it Needs

With Ingredients Well-Known to Support Sperm Health.

MotilityBoost offers a potent mix of herbs, B vitamins, and antioxidants for sperm motility*, including: CoQ10, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 etc…

Make it a Team Effort

Make it a Team Effort. Your partner isn’t the only one that needs a fertility supplement. Be sure you are doing your part to reach your fertility and health goals.


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Fairhaven Health is a leading provider of natural, doctor-designed products to support fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall women’s health. You can count on Fairhaven Health Supplements Always! Fairhaven Health is ISO 13485-certified and distributes a wide range of dietary supplements and FDA-regulated medical devices. All Fairhaven Health supplements are manufactured in the United States under strict GMP conditions, using the highest quality ingredients available.
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