Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet: Multivitamins Plus Zinc for Immunity


Kedi Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet is a nutrient-rich supplement that can help boost the functionality of your immune system, improving mental and physical health while also aiding in energy generation.

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Kedi Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet

Kedi Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet is a great way to help boost the functionality of your immune system and maintain overall health! It aids in various functions within our body. This including energy generation, brain development and function. This product contains iron which helps with absorption.

There are many other benefits when taking this tablet daily. They include such as improved sleep, thoughts/emotions or coordination etc.

Kedi Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet can be taken by anyone who wants to improve their immunity. Especially for better protection against infection as well as promote healthy growth throughout the whole body from head-to-toe!

Health Benefit of Multivitamin Effervescent

Each effervescent tablet contains 8 carefully selected vitamins and 1 mineral which are essential for the healthy living.

  1. Vitamin A: it helps maintain a healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissues, skin and mucus membrane. Also for maintenance of the immune system and good vision.
  2. Vitamin B1: It is essential for energy metabolism.
  3. Vitamin B2: It helps to maintain the normal physiological function of the nervous system.
  4. The Vitamin B3: It improves the level of blood fat such as bad cholesterol produce by the liver.
  5. Vitamin B6: It keeps the brain and nervous system working properly.
  6. Vitamin C: It promotes iron absorption in the body.
  7. Also Vitamin D3: It helps in calcium absorption and bone growth.
  8. Vitamin E: It is a highly effective antioxidant.
  9. Zinc: It is good for the skin health.

Prescription, Usage and Specification

  • Each Pack contain 4g x 18 tablets per bottle.
  • Take 1 tablet (200ml-300ml) daily.
  • Dissolve one tablet in a glass of water (200ml-300ml, either warm or room temperature water)

Precaution while using Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet

  1. Pregnant women should consult their doctor/physician before taking this product.
  2. Not recommended for patients with phenylketonuria.
  3. Food supplements such as Vitamin tablet are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Do not exceed the recommended intake for Multivitamin Effervescent Tablet



  • Strawberry
  • Orange


  • Citric acid
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate
  • Sorbitol
  • Vitamin A acetate
  • Tartrazine
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • Vitamin E (dl-α Tocopheryl Acetate)
  • (Thiamine) Vitamin B1
  • The Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • (Nicotinic acid) Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Food flavour
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Sunset yellow


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