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Product Function:

This product adopts natural herbs with heat-clearing, antisepsis and anti-inflammation, swellings and stasis dissipating, relieving stranguria. Successfully we’ve solved the problem that drug can’t go into prostate lipid envelope, it can promote dissolution, metabolism, absorption of prostate medium scarring, and the generation of glandular cells tissue, and repair the damaged glandular cells, so this product can improve circulation, lower cholesterol, detoxify body, is suitable for numerous urinary diseases.

Product active ingredients and efficacy:

Nettle Leaf: Chinese traditional herb, it can treat vaginal infection (such as fungal infection), and inhibit the menorrhagia. Containing abundant vitamin C, it can take precautions against anaemia. In addition, it can reduce blood sugar, and is very effective to prevent diabetes.

Day Flower: Chinese traditional herb, it is very effective at heat-clearing and detoxifying, including diuresis which is good for removing edema, difficult urination, cold, mumps, heat dysentery, icterohepatits, malaria, hematuria, leucorrhea, sore throat, ulcer boils.

Rape bee pollen: It can promote the development of endocrine glands, improve the function of endocrine and sexual activity.

For people:

Patients with prostate disease.


Put one small tea bag into a cup, use boiling water to brew for 15 minutes, and drink while the tea is hot. Three bags per day for adults and the tea bag can be repeatedly brewed.


2g/bag x 25bags/box


0.5 g
1 × 1 × 1 cm
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