Organic Fertilizer: Improves the size, quality and quantity of fruit Crop


Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer is a nutrient-rich fertilizer that has been used by farmers and gardeners for over 15 years. The organic formula creates an environment where plants love to grow, whether you’re growing flowers in your backyard or wheat crops on the farm!

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Nutri-Plant Organic Fertilizer

Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer is a nutrient rich, organic fertilizer that has been used by farmers and gardeners for over 15 years. Whether you’re growing flowers in your backyard or wheat crops on the farm our soil inoculants will create an environment where plants love to grow!

It’s fresh, it smells nice too! Nurti-plant fertilizers are made from natural ingredients such as composted cow manure.

This product is gradually changing the way we grow our food, treat our land, and how our body benefits from the food we plant. If it can be used in larger scale, it will significantly improve the relation between human and our environment.

Organic Fertilizer and Inorganic Fertilizer

These are the brief comparison between Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer and Inorganic (Chemical) FertilizerOrganic Fertilizer

What makes Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer such a unique product over chemical fertilizers?

  • Contains all essential amino acids for plants
  • Rich in minerals
  • Safe to animals, human & environmental friendly
  • Quick and effective

It is a Natural Nutrition for Plants, composed of both Macro and Micro Nutrients containing multiple small molecules of Essential Amino Acids, Peptides, Chitosan, Chelates with their trace elements all combined together

First, it is highly absorbable. Metal ions such as Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper are important minerals for plants. They are required by plants in small amounts, and therefore are being referred to as ‘Micronutrients’.

Their deficiencies result in yellowing of leaves, retarded growth and general low quality crops. These positively charged metal ions, readily react with negatively charged epidermis (the very surface of the plant) of the plant leaves, which is negatively charged, making them unavailable to enter the plant. The chelated minerals are more stable and easily enter the in-depth part and absorbed by the leaves.

 Importance of Amino Acids in NOPF

  1. Glycine :
    • Increase absorption of phosphorus and potassium by plants
    • Improve plant Stress Tolerance
    • Improve plants photosynthesis (accelerate growths)
  2. Leucine and Isoleucine
    • Improve resistance to salt, stress, pollen, viability and germination
    • Precursor (start/growth) of fragrance
  3. Methionine
    • Precursor of ethylene an indigenous plant hormone
    • Kills many parasitic pathogens and prevents the roots from fungus infestation
  4. Tyrosine:
    • Regulates the maintenance of root tips
  5. Histidine
  6. Threomine
    • Enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases
  7. Alamine
    • Increase the synthesis of chlorophyll in order to manufacture food and filter light.
    • Regulates stomata opening.
    • Helps in plant defense against bacteria
  8. Tryptophane
    • Resist and eliminate bacteria
  9. Valine

Benefits of the amino acids to the soil

  1. Feed the micro-organism (worms, bacteria) in the soils with nutrients
  2. Bound heavy metals to reduce their toxicity
  3. Chelates (put together) the trace elements to feed the plants
  4. Adjust the soil PH and increase PH buffering capacity (balancing the acidity & alkalinity of the environment.
  5. Increase the content of organic carbon in soil

Benefits of Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer

  1. Contains all the Nutrients a plant requires to grow
  2. High Nutrients concentration – plants are highly fed
  3. Safe for human, animals and environment because of pure organic with no toxic chemical
  4. Inhibits the growth of bacteria, virus, fungi which disturb the plants
  5. Promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organism
  6. Promotes rapid/vigorous growth of plant roots, stems and leaves. It promotes the development of more fibrous root that make plants firm in the soil
  7. Enhances the general immunity of crops to be resistant to drought, infertility and diseases and bearing a repellant effect to pests and arthropods.
  8. Improves the size, quality and quantity of the harvestable parts of the crop and makes the fruit fresh and ruddy.
  9. Improves the soil structure and enhance the bioactivity of the soil, boosting its fertility to over two years.
  10. Increase the yield by over 30% to 40%.
  11. It is quick, sufficient, cheap and easy to use. Just simply sprayed on the crops.
  12. Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer promotes the germination.
  13. Promotes root development with more fibrous roots, optimizes root morphology.
  14. The more fibrous roots grow, the more efficient they absorb the water and nutrients from the soil.

Human has vascular network for blood circulation. Plants also have the same network for nutrient circulation. The broader the vascular tissues are, the more water and nutrients can be transported from roots up to the leaves, flowers and fruits of the plants.


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