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Professional Slim cream.

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The slimming cream contains rich plant extracts which are mild and easy to absorb. The product has great effect in skin hydrating and moisturizing as well as slimming waist, legs, arms and firming abdomen. It helps to nourish and improve dry skin to make it smooth and tender. It also helps to reduce fat so as to shape nice and attractive body. An ideal item for weight losing and body slimming.

Effectively break down vast fat, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, full inhibition of the generation and accumulation of fat Cellulite cream is extremely effective at refine delicate lines, moisturise and improve the overall texture of the skin. Natural plant essence has the effects of whitening, moisturizing, so as to keep your skin smooth and elastic.

It helps to reduce appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks skin so that the body of toxic and harmful substances from the body faster. Simple and easy way to make you be more pretty, confident, charming, attractive and slimming.

Eliminate excess substances in the body and inhibit the absorption of excess nutrients. It can be absorbed quickly and easily, improving loose skin and helping to create s-shape body curve

Usage: Use The Upward Direction To Massage The Arms, Waist, Stomach, Buttocks, Thighs And Legs Until It Absorbs. Apply As Little Smearing As Possible For The First Time And Increase Or Decrease The Amount Later. the Slimming Cream Contains Rich Plant Extracts Which Are Mild And Easy To Absorb. The Product Has Great Effect In Skin Hydrating And Moisturizing As Well As Slimming Waist, Legs, Arms And Firming Abdomen. It Helps To Nourish And Improve Dry Skin To Make It Smooth And Tender. It Also Helps To Reduce Fat So As To Shape Nice And Attractive Body. An Ideal Item For Weight Losing And Body Slimming. effectively Break Down Vast Fat, Stimulating Blood And Lymphatic Circulation, Full Inhibition Of The Generation And Accumulation Of Fat Cellulite Cream Is Extremely Effective At Refine Delicate Lines, Moisturise And Improve The Overall Texture Of The Skin. Natural Plant Essence Has The Effects Of Whitening, Moisturizing, So As To Keep Your Skin Smooth And Elastic. it Helps To Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite On The Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, And Buttocks Skin So That The Body Of Toxic And Harmful Substances From The Body Faster. Simple And Easy Way To Make You Be More Pretty, Confident, Charming, Attractive And Slimming. eliminate Excess Substances In The Body And Inhibit The Absorption Of Excess Nutrients. It Can Be Absorbed Quickly And Easily, Improving Loose Skin And Helping To Create S-shape Body Curve volume In Tube : 60g
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