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Product function:

This product adopts Chinese traditional herb and combined with modern science and technology, it could alleviate fever, reduce inflammation, improve liver and gallbladder, and help in detoxifying your body.

Product Active Ingredients and Efficacy:

Dandelion: Clearing heat, anti-toxin, reducing swelling, normalizing stomach, and liver heat.

Sweet Wormwood: Reducing summer-heat and fever, preventing malaria, nourishing liver, gall, and kidney.

Chinese Holly: Keeping the internal heat in a normal level, supporting kidney and regulating liver.

Ginkgo: Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, activating meridians to stop pain, protection lung, relieving asthma, lipid-lowering.

Ginseng: Nourishing organs, increasing energy, enhancing immunity, neutralizing emotions, calming down favor and upset, improving intelligence.

Ginger: Inducing sweat to dispel cold, tonifying deficiency, stopping vomit and cough, detoxification.

For People:

A toothache, dental ulcer, bad breath, endocrine dyscrasia, acne breakout, easily get an infection of epidemic illness.


Put one tea bag into a cup, use boiling water to brew for 2 to 5 minutes. One or two bags a day and the tea-bag can be repeatedly brewed. Sweeten to taste if desired.



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Yeekong Herb

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