Rida Fat Burner: All Natural weight Loss Formula


Rida Fat Burner

RIDA Fat Burner is not your average diet pill. It contains a proprietary blend of herbs designed to help you burn fat, manage weight and detoxify the body all in one easy-to-use supplement!


Rida Fat Burner

RIDA Fat Burner is not your average diet pill. It contains a proprietary blend of herbs designed to help you burn fat, manage weight and detoxify the body all in one easy-to-use supplement!

RIDA Fat Burner is a very effective, all natural weight management and detoxing formula. It has been used for the treatment of constipation or diarrhea to relieve stress on your Digestive System, obesity and also diabetes mellitus type 1&2.

RIDA Fat Burner is a natural, safe and effective way to manage your weight. It’s helpful for people who have diabetes or are looking to lose excess pounds because it will lower their cholesterol levels as well!

In addition IBD sufferers should consider adding this supplement into their routine due its ability reduce inflammation in the intestines while also providing stress relief from abdominal pain–a common symptom experienced by patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

This Fat Burner is a powerful, all-natural dietary supplement with the ability to boost brain derived neurotrophic factor. This leads not only in better cognitive function but also helps prevent diseases that are related or associated with it like Alzheimer’s disease!

It can reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure as well making it great for those who have heart problems too. Not only does RIDA work toward weight loss goals but has strong anti inflammatory properties helping keep you healthy no matter what life brings your way

Health Benefits of Rida Fat Burner

  1. Supports Healthy weight Control.
  2. Helps to speed up metabolism.
  3. Gets rid of bad cholesterol.
  4. Helps regulate blood pressure.

Dosage And Administration

  • Use as indicated on pack.
  • No side effects.

Key Ingredients

Croton Penduliflorus, Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Senna Alata, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba, Zingiber Officinale

Suitable For

  • Adults

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 8 cm


Rida Bitters

Rida is a NAFDAC-approved range of herbal products from 100% natural ingredients with strong antioxidant properties. It treats a wide range of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, headaches, infections, and more.

We all know that antioxidants help keep your body healthy. Therefore, Antioxidants work by fighting the free radicals in your body. Free radicals are molecules that can damage cells and may cause cancer.

Rida Bitters is a supplement that can help you live healthy and vibrant each day. In other words, it does this by removing the oxidative stress in your body that comes from everyday activities. Oxidative Stress can be caused by things such as eating unhealthy, lack of sleep, or exercising too much.


  • Bitters have been in use for centuries to improve the immune system, they are anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic. Also, it can help to improve the body's response and help the body fight against a range of diseases including malaria and HIV.

    Furthermore, Rida Bitters is a natural beverage extract of various plants, roots, and bark. It is made by adding herbs and plant extracts to a dilute ethanol solution.


  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Attacks, Blood Pressure, Strokes, And Effective Management Of Some Types Of Cancer


  • In Treating A Wide Range Of Gastrointestinal Disorders Such As Cramping, Bloating & Constipation


  • Also, The Root And Bark Are Effective In Relieving Women With Cases Of Heavy Menstrual Flow


  • Treats Gonorrhea & Effective Against Strains Of Bacteria: Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli Etc


  • Rida Bitters Increases Male And Female Fertility. Serves As An Aphrodisiac, Increases In Libido And General Energy For Men.



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