Ruzu Black For Men (Liquid 200ml): Last Longer with Quality Sperm


Ruzu Black for Men, or Ruzu Manpower, is a Liquid that has been specially formulated For Men to prolong Sexual satisfaction. It can also help men improve their sexual health conditions with it’s natural herbal formula. This product will not let you down!


Ruzu Herbal Products

Ruzu Black For Men (Liquid 200ml): Last Longer with Quality Sperm

Ruzu Black for Men Capsule also known as Ruzu Manpower is an Amazing new supplement that restores full sexual power to at least 90% of men who take it while lengthening erection, better quality sperm, and better sexual stamina.

The positive effect can be seen within a few hours after intake.

It improves semen volume and sex ability by increasing testosterone levels in the body which helps with impotency and infertility treatments. It relieves tiredness during and after intercourse because it increases energy levels through increased blood flow.

This product enhances ejaculation strength so that you may have more intense orgasms than before. It prolongs sex duration when taking this product on a regular basis ensuring lasting erections.

Benefit of Ruzu Black (Liquid 200ml)

  1. Stronger erections
  2. Better quality sperm
  3. Last longer with any woman  even If you’re 57 years old
  4. Improve sexual ability
  5. Treat impotency and infertility
  6. Relieve over tiredness after sex
  7. Enhances erection quality
  8. Prolong sex duration
  9. Effective for kidney and prevent prostrate

Dosage, Usage and Side Effect

  1. Each bottle contain 60 Capsule.
  2. Take 2 Capsule per day or before sexual Intercourse.
  3. 100% Natural herbs. No Side Effect.


Uses 100% Natural herbal Aphrodisiac.

Don’t like the liquid form of Ruzu black for men but crave it’s miraculous efficacy to boosts Sexual performance , The Ruzu Black For Men capsules are just convenient.

Ruzu Black For Men CapsuleRuzu Black For Men Capsule


Ruzu Herbal Products

Ruzu Herbal Products

Ruzu Herbal Products is a manufacturer of health and wellness products in Nigeria. The company is proud to be indigenous, and was founded after several years of research. Ruzu's goal is to provide their customers with relief from common ailments without using synthetic ingredients that may have harmful side effects. Their efficacy has been proven through the use of organic herbs and plants which are grown locally in Africa. Buy All Ruzu Herbal Products online on our store. Ruzu herbal supplements, Ruzu personal care product, Ruzu traditional medicine and all other Ruzu products
Ruzu Herbal Products
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