Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule: 100% Natural Total Health Restoration


Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule is the perfect way to fight off bacterial and fungal infections. It’s safe for both male and female recipients, so you can take it solo or use alongside other treatments like antibiotics.

Ruzu capsules are made with a potent blend of herbal ingredients that will help your body get rid of infection by boosting white blood cell production without any harmful side effects! No more worrying about what kind of bacteria/fungus you’re dealing with either because this capsule just tackles them all.

Ruzu Herbal Products

Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule: Pure Miracle!

Ruzu Herbal bitters Capsule has been specifically designed to fight various types of infections, both bacteria and fungus. It is safe for use by both male and female recipients. This premium blend can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatments you may already have access to from your doctor’s office.

This products is a natural solution to the health problems. It helps detoxify and strengthen organs, curing various ailments with just an intake of one teaspoon per day for 24 hours alone.

This remedy is highly effective on severe pains in different parts of the body like weak erection or reproductive disorders such as infertility and gonorrhea/staphylococcus etc.

Ruzu can also help cure diabetes by regulating insulin levels that may result from excessive sugar consumption over time which causes high blood glucose level spikes throughout your bloodstream due to lack of proper balance between Insulin-producing cells in pancreas.

Health Benefit Of Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule

  1. Help Treatment of Diabetes
  2. Cure Weak Erection in Men.
  3. Effective treatment against Typhoid and Malaria.
  4. For treatment of Vaginal Discharge and Menstruation anomalies.
  5. Lower High Blood Pressure.
  6. Relax Waist, Back and Joint Pains
  7. Remove Fibroid and cure Infertility (Male and Female)
  8. Treat infection such as Gonorrhea/Staphylococcus and Syphilis
  9. It strengthen immune system and rich in anti-microbial agents.
  10. Detoxifies the body and takes care of Oxidative Stress,
  11. Effective management of Metabolic Liver Disease especially in Obese patient.
  12. Detoxifies the Kidneys and tones the Liver

How To Take Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule

  1. Each bottle contain 60 Capsule.
  2. Adult: 2 capsule per day before breakfast and before bedtime at night.
  3. Children: 2 years and above, 1 capsule once in a week.

Ruzu Herbal Bitters Caution and side Effect

  • Ruzu Bitters is Natural Product, It Contains No additives and No Artificial Preservatives.
  • Not to be taken by pregnant women and people suffering from diarrhea
  • Keep out of the reach of children


Colocynthis citrullus 40%
Curcugio pilosa 40%
Uvaria charmae 20%


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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions1 × 5 × 8 cm


Ruzu Herbal Products

This company is a manufacturer of top-quality herbal health and wellness products in Nigeria. They pride themselves on being a Nigerien company and have been around for many years now. Although, they dedicate their efforts to improving the health and well-being of their customers through their natural ingredients.

Also, their goal is to provide people with effective, safe, and affordable products that can help them improve their lives.

Furthermore, Ruzu Herbal Product is a company that produces natural remedies for common ailments. Likewise, their goal is to provide an alternative to medicines and treatments that use chemicals and synthetic ingredients that may have harmful side effects.

Moreover, they prove their efficacy with the discovery of a new, and more effective use for traditional African herbs and plants. These organic herbs and plants are grown locally in Africa and can provide many treatments for diseases.

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Recs-Medix and Ruzu Herbal Products

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Ruzu Herbal Products


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