Superbklean Sanitary Napkins – Panty Liner 1 Pack

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Superbklean Sanitary Napkins – Panty Liner (1 Pack)

  1. Breathable and comfortable
  2. Prevents you from toilet infection.
  3. Ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria with the help of the anion strip which helps eliminate odor and itching.
  4. Supports the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  5. Scientifically closed packing
  6. Purifies the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting sleep.
  1. 30 Pieces


Product Pack:
16 Smaller Packs / Box Pack
Free Self Testing Kit included

Product details

Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner… A product of Longrich via a world leading high-tech patented product. Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Napkin

Three Main Benefits

  1. Health – Magnetic Strip provides 3 natural energies (magnetism, anion and far infrared) that greatly enhance blood circulation, cell vitality, detoxification during period, bio-enzymes in the vagina, resistance to bacteria and immunity against any infection. It prevents many women problems.
  2. Safe & Comfort – Food grade outer packing and 360 degree inner packaging make it hygenic and safer to use. Softer surface, quick and effective absorption give you feeling of comfort. The bottom layer is made of highly resistant and air permeable (breathable) materials that prevent leaking and effectively reduce moisture and warmness between napkin and skin.
  3. Cost Effective – Its absorption capacity is 3 to 5 times more than most of the sanitary napkins in the market, make it cost effective compared to others,

Other Benefits includes

  1. Preserves health
  2. Relieves menstrual pain
  3. Anti-bacterial
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Eliminating odor
  6. Promotes metabolisme
  7. Improves endocrine / glandular function
  8. Enhances immunity
  9. Relieves stress


Symptom 1 : Itching and swollen vulva

Symptom 2 : Cervicitis or vaginitis

Symptom 3 : Increased volume of leucorrhea

Symptom 4 : Pain at lower abdomen

Symptom 5 : Headache, abdominal pain or ederma during period


According to a survey from the WHO, over 62% of the diseases, including cancers, were caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins.
The National Quality Control Department of China conducted a sampling of sanitary napkins in the market and found that over 50% of the products did not fulfill quality standard.

Order a pack today and your Sanitary Experience is assured

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