Swissgarde Skin, Hair & Nails

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It prevent and skin irritant it prevent grey hair
and bad hair it provide essential nutrient for growth of hair it prevent blemish skin it build up physical body

Health benefits:

Nutrient formula that helps to build strong and radiant skin, hair and nails. Especially beneficial for people with skin, hair and nail infections or disorders.

Also beneficial treating hair loss.

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  1. Kelp.
  2. Soya.
  3. Gelatine
  4. Silica.
  5. Zinc.
  6. Biotin.
  7. Choline.
  8. Selenium.
  9. Amino acids.
  10. Vitamins B1,B2,B6,B12,D & E.
  11. Choline.
  12. Inositol
  13. Beta-carotene
  14. Iron

Dosage: 60 tablets in all tablets for 30 days-


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