Swissgarde Stress Active Capsules



Useful for people suffer physical and mental stress it good for people who are always tired it provide stamina and effective energy it good for smoker for protecting the lungs it prevent nervous tension it good for epilepsy.


Health Benefits:

  1. Helps you cope with physical & mental stress and increase endurance.
  2. Boosts energy levels.
  3. Helps to prevent burnout
  4. Aids weight gain for those that are underweight.
  5. Antidote for hangovers
  6. Beneficial anemia and convalescence.
  7. Helps combat depression.
  8. Improves heart health.
  9. Beneficial for liver health.
  10. Great remedy for migraine headaches
  11. Remedy for premature aging.
HealthGarde International


  1. A comprehensive multi-vitamin formula with Ginseng
  2. 18 amino acids, iron and all the B Vitamins.

Available in capsules (60)


HealthGarde International

HealthGarde International is an African company dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by creating wealth through health. It’s not just what we put in our products that makes them superior, it’s what we choose to formulate without. We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.
HealthGarde International
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm



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